Elemental Mitts

As you probably know, Eden Cottage Yarns Hayton 4ply is my absolute favourite yarn for fingerless mitts. Fingerless mitts are also one of my favourite things to design and knit – plus they’re perfect for filling little holes in my design schedule! Because of that I always keep several skeins in various colours in my stash, so I’m always ready to go. This summer I restocked a few skein (red, green and blue) and when they arrived I couldn’t help noticing how good they looked together! 

I thought it would be really fun to make some striped mitts using them together with the cream skein that was already in my stash – leftover mitts. But in order to have leftovers, first I had to use each skein for mitts! I’m a fan of fantasy novels, so I thought about it for a while and then it hit me – each of these is the perfect colour for elemental magic! Green is for earth, blue is water, red is fire and cream is air.

Talamh (ta-lav) is Earth in Scottish Gaelic and the mitts feature a braided pattern that climbs from cuff to cuff like Ivy – the name of the yarn’s colourway! I’ve wanted to use this braid pattern for ages and I love how everything came together in these mitts! My next pattern will be the Air mitts for October, then I have a couple of different projects planned, and Water and Fire will be out early next year!

You can get 25% off Talamh with the code EarthSale until 11.59 pm (UTC) on the 20th September 2022. The pattern is also on LoveCrafts and Etsy!

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Credits to @Kenny_knits on IG and AbstractLucas, Dragonlady67, karenkk13, KimiHF, kimssmile, MsPuggy, reinedutricot and Vitabigelow on Ravelry!


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