Liz Corke

  • Winter Trees

    A close up on the foot of a modelled pair of socks in dark green with a lace pattern representing half a fir tree on the foot and a whole fir tree on the leg

    I’m delighted to be sharing Giuthas with you at last! This is the final sock in my Four Seasons of Socks collection and, in keeping with most of the other patterns, it has half a tree up the side of the foot which widens to a full tree up the leg! The name means pine […]

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  • We’ve Moved!

    A screenshot of the home page of this website.

    You might have noticed that things look a little different around here now! I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few months working on this new site around all my other work, so I hope you like it! My previous website was on Squarespace. I originally set it up just as a gallery […]

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  • Rippling into Autumn

    A blue garter stitch shawl with a rippling cable pattern down one side wrapped around a mannequin

    I’m so excited to share Tuinn Bheaga with you at last! It’s been very popular on Instagram over the last couple of weeks so I hope you’re as happy to see it as I am to share it! There have, of course, been a few bumps along the way – designing is rarely plain sailing. […]

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  • Socks for Autumn

    Orange socks with a lace leaf pattern up the foot and leg

    It’s definitely the start of sock weather season here in Scotland. There’s a distinct chill on our way to school in the mornings and I’m almost ready to break out the woolly hats and gloves! The trees are a patchwork of green and orange, leaves are starting to fall and my daughter found her first […]

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  • Notions About Notions

    Notions pouches, tape measure, scissors, scrap yarn and a selection of stitch markers

    I saw a post on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, about a knitter who had gone on a cruise and only realised once she was on the ship that her pattern needed a cable needle which wasn’t included on the notions list! I’m the sort of designer who lists everything needed down to the […]

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  • Ravelry, Accessibility and Me

    A piece of knitting in yellow yarn

    If you aren’t sure what’s been going on with Ravelry since June, my Ravelry and Accessibility post gives a run down. It’s now three months since Ravelry’s disastrous release of their new design and there have been no substantial changes since the option was given for us to change back to Classic. Users who post […]

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  • Lavender Mitts

    With Ravelry still having accessibility “issues” after nearly three months, I’m trying something new with my blog this month, and I got permission from my testers to share their Lus Na Túise projects with you (and where I know them, their yarn choices). It’s becoming a tradition for me to release a mitts pattern in […]

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  • Reusable Face Scrubs

    Ten finished crochet face scrubs in round and flower shapes made in yellow, green, peach and pink yarn. There is also a face scrub in progress

    I know that I’m not alone in trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce. The bathroom is one of the main places I’ve tackled, and I have a lot of leftover cotton sitting in my stash so I thought I’d make it into some face pads! I much prefer crocheting with cotton over […]

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  • Buain – Harvest Time!

    Golden socks with a lace wheat pattern up the outside of the foot and doubling at the leg

    Meet Buain – it means harvest in Scottish Gaelic and is the third pattern in my Four Seasons of Socks collection. Buain has been one of my trickiest sock patterns to design so far! The sock itself isn’t complicated at all, but it took me so many tries to get the right position and type […]

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