Liz Corke

  • In the Gloaming

    A close up on the heel and cuff of modelled socks with three panels of lace on the foot, knit in purple yarn

    These socks were not in the plan I made at the start of the year, but I’m so glad that things turned out this way! A shawl I’m working on is just taking me way too long to knit, so I decided to push the release back a bit and come up with a quick […]

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  • Ryegrass

    A close up on the spine and border of a cowlette knit in purple yarn with two brioche patterns and two slipped stitch bands

    I’ve been really wanting to use brioche again in a design and I also wanted a small project that was quick to knit because I have a shawl design on my needles which is taking forever! Unfortunately, this design turned out to only be one of those things! I wanted a nice, light brioche pattern […]

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  • Kingfisher

    A modelled pair of socks with a rippling cable pattern up the side, knit in grey yarn with blue, orange and white speckles

    Today I’m bringing you a pair of socks that has everything I love! It’s toe up socks. It’s got a simple pattern that’s easy to learn. It’s got a fun pattern that will keep you coming back for more. And, possibly most importantly, it’s got speckles! If socks are your thing or you want to […]

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  • Feathered Lace

    A close up on the shoulder of a cowlette knit in brown yarn with a textured slipped stitch pattern on the body and a wide lace border

    I enjoyed knitting Rinlet, my first DK cowlette, so much I couldn’t wait to knit another one and the tail end of winter seemed like the perfect time to fit one in. The weather here has been cooperating too as we keep getting a hint of spring before the temperatures drop again, so I’ve appreciated […]

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  • Slipping Up

    A pair of mitts with coloured stripes and slipped stitches on the back of the hand

    When I started working on my Elemental Mitts patterns I knew I wanted to make a fifth pattern which combined the colours of the other four and here it is! Na Ceithir Dùil means the four elements in Scottish Gaelic – the perfect name for my final elemental mitts!  Na Ceithir Dùil combines stripes of […]

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  • Snow Showers

    I’ve really come to enjoy releasing hats for my last pattern of the year. They knit up quickly, figuring out the crown is challenging but fun and you can do so much with them! From October to March, I wear hats every time I go out and love having plenty of hats to choose from! […]

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  • Crosshatched Hands

    I loved the ribbed pattern on Tar-Sgàil Socks so much that I couldn’t resist using it for mitts as well! The design is similar to Aisneach Mitts with the ribbed columns wrapping around the side of the hand, but also look great if you swap the mitts over and show more of the pattern on […]

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  • Crosshatched

    For Socktober this year, I wanted to design a sock that would be great for everyone. I wanted a pattern that was gender neutral and something with a bit of ribbing so gifted socks would get a great fit – even if you aren’t quite sure about their size!  I found this crisscrossed pattern done […]

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  • Rib and Lace

    I’m feeling sick at the moment so please enjoy my testers projects! You can get 25% off Rinlet with the code StreamSale until 11.59 pm (BST) on the 12th of September 2023. The pattern is also on LoveCrafts and Etsy! Credits to @_irislily_ on IG and OwenJulesMommy, PetronellaBaker and positivepolly on Ravelry!

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  • Building Bricks

    A close up on the border of a mosaic knit shawl. It is knit in white and red yarn with a brickwork pattern on the body and herringbone pattern border, displayed on a black mannequin.

    When I set out to design this shawl, I knew I wanted to use two colours, but I didn’t really want to do stripes or something I’d done before. So I thought about it for a while and landed on something I’d never done before – mosaic knitting!  Looking through my books for ideas, I […]

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