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Liz Corke Knits

Hi everyone, I’m Liz and I design and write fun knitting patterns for adventurous knitters who are ready to move beyond the basics. My patterns are relaxing knits for experienced knitters or a great way to learn new techniques and skills for newer knitters, with photo-tutorials for new or unusual techniques. I want you to have as much fun knitting as I do!

Living in Scotland, nature is never very far away and many of my designs are inspired by the plants and landscapes surrounding us. Others are inspired by stories or legends from Scotland and around the world.

My mission

Clear, Well Written Knitting Patterns for Adventurous Knitters

A knitting pattern with a ball of yarn, knitting needles and part of the shawl made form the pattern

I love to design elegant and wearable accessories that are fun to knit and easy to wear. I believe that everyone should be able to knit and wear my designs so socks, mitts, hats and sometimes shawls all come in multiple sizes. Because I want you to enjoy knitting them, my patterns are all tech edited to ensure they have no errors and tested by knitters to make sure they are clear and easy to follow.

It’s really important to me that knitting is a stress free and enjoyable hobby for you so I put every effort into making my patterns the best they can be!


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Meet liz

Designing has been a large part of my life since I started knitting in 2012. Originally it was a part-time hobby around my job as an engineer but after having children it’s become a full-time job and much needed creative outlet for me! As long as the ideas keep flowing I’ll be here knitting them and I really hope you’ll join me!

A white woman with brown hair smiling at the camera
An open ring binder with the pages taken out and a knitting design in progress

I love to hear about all the fun you’re having knitting my patterns and seeing you knit, wear and enjoy my designs is one of my greatest joys! Please do tag me if you post your knitting on social media because I want to see your posts!

If you’d like to see behind the scenes and find out what I’m working on now, please come join me on Pateron!

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Signature Products

Shawls were my first love and what I started with but I’ve since fallen in love with socks, fingerless mitts and all sorts of other accessories too!

My Values

I believe that we are all equal regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender or ability. I will always work to make sure the spaces I moderate (my website and social media) are safe for minorities and free from abusive language.

I am a single person business, but where possible I support other small businesses (eg, yarn dyers, notions makers and other designers) from minorities or who share my values.

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