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I saw a post on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, about a knitter who had gone on a cruise and only realised once she was on the ship that her pattern needed a cable needle which wasn’t included on the notions list! I’m the sort of designer who lists everything needed down to the yarn needle for sewing in ends and the precise number of stitch markers needed, but it got me thinking about what goes into my notions case and I thought it would make a fun post.

This is one of my notions pouches. My bigger pouch clips into my project bags – I like to make them big enough to hold a spare set of needles (Melly Sews’ 15 Minute Zipper Pouch is a great tutorial if you’re looking for somewhere to get started making your own). I have a little case (made with I Heart Linen’s Snappy Coin Purse pattern – I’ve scaled mine down a bit) inside that which holds all my stitch markers and other little bits. I also have a few things that I add to my kit (items 12 – 15) for special projects.

I enjoy sewing my own notions cases, but any little pot will do well – I’ve used bigger pill box tins before and some stitch markers come with tins that would work great too. Or you could recycle something you already have – I think cleaned out Vaseline tins would work great, or just a seal-able plastic bag (but watch out for sharp points).

The first slide is my everyday kit, the second is the same with numbers (1 – 11), the third slide has the extra things I use and the fourth slide is the third with numbers (12 – 15).

  1. This is my notions pouch – big enough for the case, scissors, a tape measure and a second set of needles
  2. This is my notions case – big enough for a needle gripper, it holds all my little bits so they don’t get lost
  3. Tape measure – always important to have on hand for checking gauge or knitting to a certain length
  4. Needle tighteners – I have a normal and mini sized one in all my cases just in case my needles get loose!
  5. Needle gripper – in case of loose needles or needing to change size
  6. Yarn needle – for sewing in ends or Russian Joins
  7. Scissors – I love embroidery scissors, they’re the perfect size to go i my notions pouch and I have an embarassing number of them!
  8. Ring stitch markers – these are my favourite style of stitch marker, they sit neatly on my needles without hanging in the way or catching on anything – I have two styles, the ones with beads that I make myself, and the solid coloured ones
  9. Progress markers – I particularly like these for socks to count repeats, or for sweaters with large swathes of stockinette so I can see I’m making progress!
  10. Bulb markers – these are handy for so many things! I use them to hold my ring markers, to catch dropped stitches, for marking increases/decreases to count repeats…
  11. Scrap yarn – handy for all sorts of things, but especially holding thumb or sleeve stitches
  12. Sock ruler – you can definitely just use a tape measure but I find this really easy to slot into the toe or heel and measure
  13. Cable needle – for my cabled projects
  14. Knitting thimble – I use this for stranded knitting, to keep my yarns from tangling
  15. Scales – super important, especially for a designer, to monitor yarn usage, especially when I’m knitting colour-work cowls or shawls

What’s in your notions pouch? I’d love to hear if you have anything extra!


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