Suainte – Entwined

Twisted rib fingerless mitts with a smocked faux cable trellis patter asymmetrically on the back of the handIf you’ve been following me on Instagram over the last few weeks, you’ll have seen a lot of Suainte as I’ve been knitting away almost monogamously to get back on track with my (self-imposed) deadlines! I fell for this gorgeous twisted rib trellis pattern a while ago and I’ve been looking for opportunities to use it ever since. I’m absolutely in love with the result! It took me a couple of tries to get the right yarn for this pattern. I swatched with leftovers from my Lùbach mitts (on the left) and the result was perfect (but of course I didn’t have enough of that yarn left) so I headed off to my stash where I found this beautiful skein of Dyepot Luck from Eden Cottage Yarns (in the middle) but it just wasn’t showing the pattern as clearly as I wanted it to, so I found this absolutely gorgeous Merino/Cashmere/Nylon 4ply from Old Maiden Aunt in her Jaded colourway (which is one of my favourites) and the yarn and pattern went together beautifully!

Twisted rib fingerless mitts with a smocked faux cable trellis patter asymmetrically on the back of the handOnce I’d chosen my yarn, the rest was simple. The pattern isn’t done with cables, the stitches are smocked or wrapped together when knitting them to give a similar effect. It’s been lovely to return to stretchy, twisted rib mitts after so long too. It’s so easy to get a great fit – just make the size an inch or two smaller than your hand! It’s easy to make small adjustments to the size of the mitt by adding or removing pairs of stitches.

Taking the photos for Suainte was quite an undertaking. My husband (aka photographer) was away last week, so taking the photos on a day when both kids were at school/nursery wasn’t possible. Instead, we took them with us to the woods on Sunday when we did the photoshoot. They had a great time looking for bugs, finding seeds and leaves, and questioning what we were doing constantly. A couple of photos needed me to climb in under some very bushy beech saplings to reach the nicest backdrop!

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