Chain Stitch

This is a super easy embroidery stitch used in Cuibhrichte.

A tapestry needle with doubled yarn threaded through the eye
1. Cut approximately 70 cm (28”) of your yarn and fold in half. Thread needle with the doubled yarn.
A tapestry needle sticking out of the fabric of a fingerless mitt ready to make the first chain stitch
2. Insert the needle from the inside of the mitt to the outside close to the start of the second braid and pull yarn through, holding the loose end on the inside.
The tapestry needle passing behind the first stitch of the drop stitch braid
3. Insert the needle behind the first braid (or the last chain stitch worked) and back out on the other side and pull the yarn through.
A tapestry needle entering and exiting the fabric of the mitt to finish one chain stitch and start the next
4. Insert the needle back into the mitt (through the first hole you used) and out again a couple of stitches away. Pull the yarn through. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the top of the first braid, trying to keep the stitches the same size as the braids.
The tapestry need entering the mitt through the fabric and exiting through the last stitch of the drop stitch braid
5. Bring the yarn through the centre of the last braid. Put the needle around the last chain stitch and insert the needle back into the last braid.
Close ups of the finished chain stitch showing how it joins to the dropped stitch braid at each end
6. Weave in the ends as normal. Be careful not to pull the stitches tight.
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