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Fun Knitting Patterns for Adventurous Knitters

I write and design clear knitting patterns for beautiful and elegant accessories that you will love knitting and feel great wearing!

Well Written Patterns That Make Knitting Fun

My patterns have all been technically edited and tested but other knitters to make sure they are the best they can be! I include a wide range of adult sizes in my patterns so that no one is left out!

See my full range of knitting patterns for more details.

Flowing Swirls

Sruthail features a glorious flowing pattern that sweeps stitches from the centre to the outside of each foot covering half of the instep. After the heel, the lace pattern is mirrored and covers the outside half of the leg.

It’s a fun and quick knit and will just flow off your needles!

A modelled pair of socks knit in light blue grey yarn with a lace pattern swirling to the outside of the foot
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