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February 20, 2012

Another week has been and gone already, and I imagine this week will pass even faster for me! I have three days at work, then a four day trip to London, which I’ve already mentioned quite a few times, and I’m really excited about! We’re going to see a few shows – Les Misérables on Thursday which I’ve wanted to see ever since I learnt to play the music on the piano about ten (or more!) years ago, Friday is Blood Brothers, and Saturday is Mousetrap – Agatha Christies play. I’m not sure what else we’re going to do, there’ll be two of us on Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday another friend is joining us. The two girls I’m going with were my bridesmaids, and we don’t see each other too much these days, since I’m in Aberdeen and they are near Leeds, so I’m really excited about the trip.

I’m taking the train down and back which is a 7 hour trip each way, so I’ve cast on a couple of projects, and I’ll be getting a new book and an audiobook for the trip. And that brings me to what I’ve been knitting this week! First up is my finshed Magrathea. I really love this shawl! It’s so warm with the wool cotton mix and the yarn is so soft. It feels fantastic. The pattern was good and easy to follow, although I did occasionally have problems with missing yarn overs. Blocking didn’t go 100% as I intended. Most of it went well, but the second half of the border hasn’t held the points I tried to put in, so I think I’ll try reblocking the border tonight, and hopefully it’ll come out nicely second time. I’m planning to take Magrathea down to London with me, so I want to give it plenty of time to dry out before I go.

I’ve also been working away at Henslowe. I have ripped everything out once, because I realised I’d missed a yarn over back at the start. The yarn over’s are really important as you pick them up to make the border, so making sure I don’t miss any is important, and I’d hate to get to the end of the body, then realise the second row had a missing loop! The yarn is gorgeous. I love the way the colours are working up together, and with no pooling too. It feels really nice – soft but springy, although I imagine blocking will rduce the springyness a little.

I also cast on a couple of new projects, and come to the realisation I really need a second pair of 5mm needle tips! The first is the garter ruffles scarf. I’m making this one with Debbie Bliss Andes, which was the second yarn gift from my husband for Christmas! It feels gorgeous and I’m really looking forward to wearing this one. The pattern is pretty simple, it has a short repeat with short rows and an increase, so it should be perfect for the train. I wanted to make sure I was happy with the projects I’m taking with me, so I cast them on early. The second is a scarf with Patons Smoothie DK. I had planned to do Branching Out with this yarn, but I was having trouble getting the cast on right. It needs to be loose because you increase quite a lot of stitches at the start of the lace repeat, before decreasing again, but I kept casting on too tight and it wouldn’t stretch nicely. So instead I’m making Cream of Spinich. I really like this pattern. it’s got a nice simple repeat, and I love the texture of the passed over stitches. No photos of this one I’m afraid, I started it after I’d done the photo’s of the others.

Last but definitely not least is my crochet hairpin lace blanket. I finished another strip on Friday and got it all joined up. I like how it’s going so far, but I’m about to have my first real colour change. I think the colours will look ok together but only time will tell. The next colour is Sunshine. I’ve decided the blanket will probably find a home on our sofa, but I’m still going to make it big enough for a double bed, because that will give me more options later on – I wouldn’t want to end up wishing I’d made it bigger a year or two down the line!

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  1. Wow, Les Miserables sounds wonderful, I’ve seen an amateur production, and I would love to see it in the West End. And your finished shawl is beautiful, I love the colour. Have a great time in London!

  2. Love the new look blog! Welcome to Blogger! Magrathea is beautiful – congratulations on the finish! How fun that you get to show it off in London with good friends!

    I’m a terrible one for missing yarn overs too! With lacy patterns I have to count my stitches pretty much every row 🙂 Garter Ruffles looks like a very pretty and practical pattern. You’ve got the perfect yarn for it I think – looks very warm and comfy!

  3. Pumpkin says:

    You have so many wonderful projects started. I wish you luck with them all! The shawl looks wonderful : )

  4. Sandy says:

    Your trip sounds wonderful. I understand the need to cast on before hand. I like to do that when I fly as well. Firstly sometimes with the movement it’s hard to properly count your stitches and you want to be sure you get a good start. And a little testing of the pattern is helpful to know how much concentration is going to be needed. With noise and commotion sometimes a simple pattern is best.

  5. Evelyn says:

    Ah, London — one of my favorite cities in the whole wide world. With all your plans, I’m not sure where you’ll find the time to knit besides the train but then again, I love travel knitting, too.

  6. The color change for the hairpin lace looks like it will be really fun!

  7. Kepanie says:

    You have such patience. Those are beautiful patterns. I llove how you have the blue one all ready to go and wear for your trip. Have a splendid time in London w/the peeps.

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