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April 18, 2012

Wednesdays are always a hopefully day for me, especially after lunch – half the week is gone and we’re closer to next weekend than the last one! I seem to have a much smaller collection of WIPs just now, because I finished my Rocketship Shawl last night. It’s huge and I love it. I’m blocking it when I get home tonight, although I’m not quite sure where I’m going to put it. I’m going to block this one gently, just enough to open out the lace nicely because I don’t really want it growing much bigger.

Tubey is causing me some problems, although it isn’t the patterns fault at all. I just think that the arm might be a bit tight around my shoulder, so I think the best thing to geo would be to add on another four or eight stitches for an extra rib or two. It’s definitely better to do that rather than have a whole finished jumper that I can’t wear because it doesn’t fit properly. I’m not going to rip out this sleeve yet though, I’m just going to cast on with another skien and that way I can compare the two sleeves and see what I think.

My Happy Lavender Scarf has finally come back out of hibernation. The pattern is called Favourite Scarf Ever but my project is named for the yarn I’m using Wendy Happy in Lavender because I haven’t decided if this will be my favourite ever scarf, lol. I really love this pattern for easy knitting but I do make an alarming number of mistakes when I’m not paying attention. Progress has actually gone backwards since Monday because I forgot the last yarn over and had to rip back a couple of rows.

The ball of yarn in the top photo is destined to becoming a Mezquita Shawl, and I’ll be casting that on as soon as I get home tonight. It’s a birthday present for one of my friends, and her birthday is in September so I’m giving myself plenty of time to get this one done! It’s a 368 stitch cast on though so I’m going to have to get plenty of stitch markers ready to help me count!

I finished Elantris on Sunday and I loved it. It was a bit predictable but I still loved the story and really liked all the characters. I have a couple more books by the same author (Brandon Sanderson) I plan to read next but first I’m indulging in a little more medieval murder. The Harper’s Quine is a little different to the ones I normally read – instead of being set in Oxford or Cambridge it’s set in Glasgow. There’s some Scots and a little Gaelic mixed in which I quite like because you can “hear” the way the character’s speak, although I am Scottish and used to the way the accents sound. I’m not sure it would work for everyone. This is the first book I’ve read by the author and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your WIPS. I’m looking forward to seeing the shawl you’ve completed.

    Last week, did a few rows incorrectly, and so I had to rip out the stitches.

    I don’t have too many WIPS atm, the ones I’m featuring today (Aminkeo, Red Angry Bird, and a scarf) will be finished soon, just in time for Finished Object Friday. 🙂

  2. Pumpkin says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to see how the shawl turned out! It will be super pretty I know it! I’m also sorry to hear that Tubey is still giving you trouble. That seems like a really annoying project.

  3. karen says:

    I hope the tubey turns out, it will be nice in that red! my last cardi was borderline on too small when I was knitting it but thankfully it turned out just righ, I was so happy:)

  4. Andee says:

    Your scarf is beautiful. I love the pattern and the colors. I’m looking forward to seeing how your shawl turns out. The yarn you have selected for it looks stunning.

  5. Love the look of your WIPs and looking forward to seeing your completed shawl too. Enjoy the best half of your week

  6. Anke says:

    Both or your WIP’s are going to be gorgeous! The Tubey is a great looking sweater and the lavender scarf is wonderful. Great pattern and yarn!

  7. Mami Dearest says:

    I’m loving the scarf! Pretty colors

  8. Lori ann says:

    your knitting is SO pretty. i love that scarf. and yes, lots of stitch markers, love those things!

  9. mkonieczki says:

    While it may not ultimately be your favorite scarf, ever, it is really gorgeous. I’m really liking he way the yarn is knitting up; the colors are unexpected in a really good way.

  10. Kathleen says:

    Ooh, that Mezquita shawl is lovely, and I think it will be perfect in that grey! I can’t wait to see it come into being.

    And I love the happy lavender scarf, the stripes and lacy-ish pattern are amazing. It has a really…springtime/carnival look to me.

  11. Laura says:

    That’s a great collection of WIPs 🙂 The lavender scarf is such a gorgeous colour and the mezquita is going to be gorgeous in that grey.

  12. I’ve got linebacker shoulders so I can definitely relate to fears about that part of garments not fitting. I hope an extra couple of ribs sorts it out for you! That red is just gorgeous!

  13. Emily says:

    I heart your chevrons! That will be stunning when finished!

  14. MWitch3 says:

    I love the striping on your ‘happy’ scarf! such a lovely looking pattern- I added it to my queue on Rav, so we’ll see if I get around to testing it out- thanks for the suggestion

  15. Cheryl says:

    Love the look of your lavender scarf. How annoying to miss a yarn over and have to rip it back. Happy counting with the shawl. I hope the stitch markers help.

  16. Oh wow, that scarf is lovely indeed and so is the lavender wool. Another pattern to add to my queue… 🙂

  17. Kim Sonksen says:

    The lavendar scarf looks amazing!

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