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June 18, 2013

I love to read. It’s pretty much my favourite thing to do and I’ve been obsessed with books from about the age of five. The spare room of our house has four bookcases in it, which isn’t enough for all my books and most of them are books I’ve had for well over a decade. A lot of my books are like old friends and every now and then I like to rediscover them.

I Kindle apphave to confess that I love reading so much, one of my first goals when I started knitting was to learn to read and knit at the same time. I can’t do it while knitting lace, but rest rows, stockinette and garter are all perfect for letting me read while I knit! I have to say too, as much as I love books, and I really do, my Kindle is my best friend when it comes to knitting and reading at the same time – I don’t have to worry about proping it up and not losing my page and turning the page couldn’t be easier!

My major love is fantasy books. They’re the best form of escapism I’ve ever found. But I also love murder mysteries – not the modern thrillers, but the Agatha Christie style or the ones set back in medieval times. Around this time of year though, I go looking for my old friends. I think it happens particularly around this time of year because when I was studying for exams I couldn’t read exciting new books – I’d never put them down!¬†So I read the books I’d read for years – mostly books I’d been passed down from parents or grandparents, or sometimes picked up for pennies from a book stall.

One of my favourites is Anne of Green Gables. I’m not sure who I inherited this book from, but I love it, and it’s clearly been much loved by at least one person before me. I was completely delighted yesterday when I managed to find the entire collection¬†of L. M. Montgomery’s books on Kindle, so that I know have the entire Anne collection, plus another of my favourites The Blue Castle, along with a whole host of new friends to get to know! I also got the whole Katy Did collection. Did you know there were five books, not just three? I certainly didn’t, so I have another two friends to meet!