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March 16, 2012

Today’s FO Friday isn’t yarn, and doesn’t actually have much to do with knitting at all. Well, it has a tiny bit to do with knitting – I’ve put my current knitting patterns on my Kindle which is pretty handy. This week I had to make my Kindle a cover. Since it’s coming to work with me everyday, it needed something to protect it in my handbag. The pattern is a free tutorial from 100billionstars and it’s pretty easy to follow – the fact that I got confused is mostly down to the fact I didn’t read the pattern properly!

I made the pocket on mine a little shorter and the flap isn’t quite so long either, but I really like how it turned out. It’s a bit squint and the stitching isn’t as neat or as straight as it could be, but I’m pleased with it and it’s serving it’s purpose well. It’s the first real thing I’ve made with my sewing machine, other than some hemming, and I couldn’t find the instruction book or work out how to do straight stitches so I used the zigzag one!

The fabric is from a pack of fat quarters I got from Hobbycraft at the weekend and I knew this was the perfect project for it. I love the big cheerful flowers and I think the case shows them off nicely. At some point I think I’ll make some more of these cases, in different fabrics, and I’m sure with more practice I’ll get much better with my sewing machine.

Tonight I’m lookng forward to getting Henslowe finished and ready to block tomorrow so it shold be ready to show off next week – which will be nice because I don’t think I’ve finished anything yarny for ages! Check out Tami’s for more FO Fridays!

  1. Kathleen says:

    Go you!! I am not at all friends with the sewing machine, although I hope to be someday, so your case is totally impressive and inspiring to me. 😀 It looks awesome, I love the fabric, and I love the style of the flap. And yay for more on the way—a Kindle should have multiple jackets! I always meant to make a bunch of (crocheted) cases for my iPod touch and never even made one…

  2. Wow, I love it! It’s like op art!

  3. Great fabric choice! And what a good idea to make it from a fat quarter – saves being completely overwhelmed at the fabric store!

  4. Pumpkin says:

    You certainly cannot tell that it isn’t perfect from the pictures. I think that it looks amazing! It was a lovely day for me too when I figured out how to put patterns on my own kindle.

  5. MWitch3 says:

    The flowers are very cheery! I really like the button too!

  6. Sarah says:

    I love the fabric you chose! Its super cute. I really wish I could sew like that.

  7. Erin Kate says:

    I love it! I need to make one for myself. 🙂

  8. Sam Findlay says:

    It looks pretty perfect to me! Love the fabric!

  9. HillyT says:

    That is a lovely Kindle case, you chose great fabrics for it.

  10. Melissa P says:

    Wonderful choice of fabric! And I’m very impressed that you managed it all without a straight stitch and didn’t get discouraged. Great job!

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