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April 25, 2013

Do you ever feel Shawls like there’s too much going on for you to settle down to just one thing? I definately have that feeling this week! I’ve had ideas for five different shawls, which is driving me a little mad, as well as a tentative idea for a sixth. I’m also trying to get on with all my pre-release jobs for Shattered Stars which will be out next week. I’m finding it pretty hard to settle down and just work on one thing!

I want to try and get my ideas all firmly on paper and have a swatch done for each. Once I’ve done that I can focus on working on one shawl at a time, and know that my ideas aren’t going to vanish off somewhere and I’ll never come up with the same thing again. Four of these shawls are going to be part of an e-book along, maybe, with the tentative sixth. I really like the idea and the theme that sparked it, but just now I only have part of most of the shawls worked out.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Shawl № One I’m pretty happy with and I’ve almost finished the swatch so I’m happy with that. № Two I know what I’m going to use for the border and the main body but I haven’t worked out how they’re going to fit together or any stitch counts. № Three I know the border, but I haven’t figured out a body pattern to go with it, or even what shape it’s going to be, although I have a couple of ideas. № Four is just a spark of my imagination so far. I haven’t found anything in my stitch books that does quite what I want, so I may have to chart something from scratch. The tentative Sixth is even less solid than № Four so it may not come into being at all. The fifth shawl has the opposite problem to the others – I have too many idea for each part of it! I’m probably going to have to swatch a lot for this one and see what pairs up nicely.

I also want to say thanks to Caroline and Stitched Together for their indy dyer suggestions last week. The Yarn Yard and Countess Ablaze were already on my list although I’d never bought from them, but the other two were new to me! I’ve added the Laughing Yaffle and Babylonglegs Ravelry groups to my yarn tab so I don’t forget them. Thank you!

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