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August 8, 2017

Sometimes we all need IMG_2567aan easy knit – when you’re watching a thrilling drama or chatting along at knit night – or in my case when I was pregnant/had a tiny baby! I love that the Ancient Greeks had a spirit dedicated to ease and simplicity, and this shawl is named for her – Apheleia.

Choose two contrasting colourways of your favourite yarn and jump straight in! Knitted all in garter stitch this deliciously squishy shawl will keep you warm whatever the weather. The crescent shape of the shawl keeps is nicely on your shoulders

This pattern has been a long time in the making and I’m really excited to be releasing it at last! You can find the pattern on Ravelry, Loveknitting and here on my website! If you buy in the next three days you’ll automatically get 50% off when you buy from my website and Ravelry.

I love to see the shawls (and gloves and blankets) you make from my patterns so please do link them on Ravelry or if you use Instagram, tag me (@lizcorke.knits)! You can also join me in my group on Ravelry – if there’s enough interest I would love to host a Knit Along (KAL) soon!

June 5, 2013

I hear those four words from my husband everytime I get a package in the post! Now that Orithyia is finished, I have another shawl on the needles. I’m really loving this one and I’m especially excited about it because I’ll be releasing it and having a KAL for the pattern. Interested? Head over to this thread on Ravelry and let me know what you think!

RightOMA Treacle Toffee now I’ll tell you that I’m using Old Maiden Aunt (OMA) merino/silk in Treacle Toffee and it’s a gorgeous warm brown. I’m completely smitten – this is my favourite shade of brown. I’m also pretty excited about the beads. Don’t they match gorgeously?

I’ve used OMA merino/silk before for Storm Warning, and I have another shawl on the needles using it too (more on that in a few weeks time). Beading projects aren’t great for travelling so I need a second for short trips! It has a pretty high silk content so knitting with it feels like a really luxury. It also stands up really well to wear. I have to confess though, one of my favourite things about buying yarn from Lilith is the mini pack of love hearts in the parcel!

April 12, 2012

I’m trying on the whole, not to buy much yarn this year. I want to get through some of my stash because just now it’s overflowing the two plastic boxes I have for it! The key to this is actually for me to get on with my blanket, since the yarn for that is taking up more than one tub all by itself! So I’m going to have to get on with it soon. I decided a little while ago that I was going to make shawls/scarves for my friends for their birthdays this year. Not huge triangular shawls but nice shallow ones that are perfect as a scarf as well. So of course I had to buy yarn for them!

I got the yarn for their shawls from Lilith at Old Maiden Aunt. The yarn is fantastic! There’s a huge range of colours and shades, and of yarns and fibers, and Lilith herself is awesome! I managed to buy one skien that was already sold out, so I took the option to wait until she had time to redye it for me and just get the three skiens that were ready. I expected to wait a couple of weeks, but she dyed it over the Easter weekend for me and I got it yesterday! She’s also pretty local to me, being based near Edinburgh and I’m only a few hours north. I really love the Scottish and Gaelic names she uses for many of the colourways too. And the yarn comes in a gold parcel, wrapped in purple tissue paper, with a mini pack of lovehearts and an OMA badge!

The purple (Bramble) is destined to be a Momijigari, the red (Red Velvet) I think will be a Laodice and the darker blue/grey (Selkie) I’ll cast on next and will be a Mezquita Shawl. These three are all superwash merino so it’s lovely and soft and hopefully won’t be too hard for anyone to care for. The fourth skien is for myself. The colourway is Lon-dubh which means blackbird and I think it’s one of her most popular colourways since almost every different yarn in this colour was sold out. It’s a merino silk yarn and it’s so unbelievably soft! I think this one is going to become a Semele, unless something else catches my eye first.