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February 7, 2012

Well, today is time for my first One a Day update, and I can safely say I’m on track! My aim is to do 50 – 100 loops a day, and last week I did 614 loops. I think that’s preety good going! Hopefully I can keep it up. I made my first strip 500 loops long, then took it through and laid it on the bed to find a length I was happy with. I decided the bast way to keep the loops from getting tangled was to do the up – like you would for the sides of the finished blanket, so I did that, which helped me to work out exactly how many loops I needed. The answer is 414! Which isn’t too bad. I’m going to keep aiming for 50 – 100 loops a day, and I’ll manage to finish at least one strip a week, so the blanket should keep growing nicely.
I made and finished a second strip at the weekend, and you can see what they’ll look like together. The black is going to be a border at each side, and the reddish brown is the first colour of the blanket. I’ve worked out that 30 more strips should make it a good size for our double bed, and if I want to make it wider I can always add extra black strips at each side. I want to keep joining the strips as I go, which should keep things neat and make it easy to see how I’m doing. So to do this, I wanted to plan the colours. I’m still not quite sure which I like best. I have one here that’s random – and that was hard to do! One is a rainbow, and the other four I made up from taking the colours from a colour wheel going round and round taking every third/fourth/etc colour. I need to see what my husband like best too, but what do you think?
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November 1, 2011

I know it’s early, but I also know loads of people have already started crafting their Christmas gifts. I love to make things, especially as presents. One of the most exciting things I find, about the run up to Christmas is choosing gifts for everyone. In particular for me are the seven girls I give gifts to. Two are my sisters-in-law, three are my oldest friends – one of whom I just reconnected with which is especially exciting, and the other two are my brother and brother-in-law’s girlfriends, who are also awesome. For Christmas for these girls (all aged 20 – 26, it’s hard to think of ourselves as grown up!) I love to make gift boxes, and they get the most planning of all the gifts I give!
Last year I gave homemade earrings in origami boxes, soaps from the body shop, a bath bomb from Lush, a little “Blue Nose” teddy, notebook, and a few more bath treats, along with chocolates. In September, I started making lists of things to put in the boxes this year. So far I’m making Knit Bunnies (one finished and one over halfway through the knitting) and charm bracelets. I’ve just been shopping around and found an awesome shop with loads of charms that aren’t going to cost too much – nothing can cost too much since I need to make seven of these! I have plans for covered notebooks if I can find the time, and an idea for candle holders, if I can get the right materials, having spotted the perfect candles yesterday. I love looking around other peoples blogs, and especially craftzine and getting inspired, the problem is finding the time to do it all!
Once you get past the presents, there’s all the Christmas decorations that can be crafted! I’ll be posting more about the yarn and non-yarn gifts I making as it gets closer to Christmas!