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May 27, 2013

I’m afraid I’ve neglected my blog appallingly over the last couple of weeks! I promise to make it up to you this week though, and I’m going to give you a quick run down of what’s been happening now.

First off I’ve been buying loads of yarn. I have gorgeous photos for you, but I forgot to upload them on my blog before work. I’ll be blogging about them later this week though. They’re all gorgeous and I’m so excited to work with them!

Last week we took a short holiday in Edinburgh. My husband had his last exam on Monday and in the evening we headed down to the capital. We had a great time, although we were pretty busy!  On Tuesday we went to Blair Drummond Safari Park over at Stirling which was a lot of fun. We were really lucky that the sun was out and all the animals came out to sunbathe! We also went to Ikea, and although we didn’t get what we went in for (a spice rack) I did find the perfect knitting lamp (this one: Not) for £11 and plenty of other stuff came home too! On Wednesday we went to Dynamic Earth which was a lot of fun and well worth a visit if you’re in the city.

Thursday we headed home, then on Friday we headed down to my parents to see my aunt and uncle who were visiting for a couple of nights, and on Saturday we helped out at the village gala which was also fun and was a gorgeous sunny day – just what was needed! Sunday turned out to be our only full day at home. Today is my husband’s first day at work, so hopefully everything will go smoothly for him. He’s excited and nervous about it but I think he’s more excited.

I’ve been getting plenty of knitting done too, and I have a finished shawl ready to unpin from my knitting mats as soon as I get home from work. I have another 7 shawls planned and I really excited about them. One in particular is a sequel to Storm Warning and potentially a KAL project. Check out my group for more info on that!

September 18, 2011

Holidays are nearly over. We swapped the comparatively cold and dry North East coast, for the warm and wet West coast and a caravan, in which, we survived the tail end of ex-hurricane Katia. I have to say, being from the north east, the gales at the start of the week were very weird. I’m used to winds being freezing and having to wrap up against them, because of the gulf stream on the west coast though, it was really warm! We had a good time with everyone, did some shopping, went to a castle and a small rainforest themed wildlife park. We came the rest of the way south to Burnley yesterday so I finally have wireless, and I can catch up with a weeks worth of blogs (there were over 200 articles in my google reader!), and I had a great evening with my two best friends, who I rarely see, since we now live six hours apart, so seeing them for a few hours was awesome! And today was the wedding, which went well, and I’m glad we dressed up, because in this case apparently “casual” meant “small and we don’t send directions until the day before”. I’m really happy with the shawl I made for it, it was so warm and it went with my shoes really well. The bride (witch) asked joking if I’d made it myself, and was surprised when I said yes, lol.
As for crochet, I’m now halfway through the fabric for the poloneck bag, I’m really happy with how fast it’s been going and how it looks so far. I also took the organic stole with me, but it came to disaster. I wasn’t really enjoying it anyway, but then I did a couple more repeats and I lost my gauge, so it’s gone! We went into the Works in Ayr, and I got a couple of crochet books (better than the one in Aberdeen!). I got the Cool Girls Guide to Crochet, for £3 which had a wrap I really like, and Easy Beaded Crochet, for £2 which has loads of patterns I really like. The cotton I was using for the organic stole, is now becoming the cap-sleeved wrap (without beads) – I should have just enough yarn to make it. My Year of Projects list has changed dramatically, and I’ll try to have it up for you tomorrow when we get home, or on Monday (because I have the day off, yay!).