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December 2, 2013

BabyI’ve had a bit of a hiatus recently, but I promise there’s a really good reason for it. Over the last few weeks I’ve been so sick, tired and emotional that I couldn’t even look at my knitting needles, let alone try to focus on a design or pattern, but next June it should all be worthwhile! I finally picked up my needles again for the first time in about seven weeks yesterday, and I started knitting a Daphne and Delilah for the baby. I love Rebecca Danger’s monster patterns, they’re adorable, simple and easy to knit!

I admit that this is the second time I’ve started this pattern – I think the DK yarn I was using before was too thin, and I was getting a very small monster – and that was the mother, the baby monster would have been tiny! This time I went stash diving and I’m using Rowan Pure Wool Aran. I’m not 100% about the yarn – it’s gorgeous to knit with, and it is superwash, but I can’t help thinking that an acrylic blend might be better for a hard wearing toy. The colours I had were dark grey and red, and I’m not 100% sold on the combination, so I might end up making another monster but really I’m just enjoying knitting again for now!

I was halfway through a second fingerless mitt pattern to go with Beira – literally halfway through – when my hiatus started. The left mitt is done but I haven’t started the right hand one, the charts are done and the pattern’s laid out, but the written instructions aren’t done. So I’m going to get going with the right mitt soon and get the pattern finished and off for tech editing too. I hope to get this pattern and maybe one more mitt pattern done and published before the cold weather is over.

I have a few ideas for more designs too – a shawl or two and a baby blanket. I’ll have to intersperse new designs along with some unisex baby knitting over the next few months. I’ll try and blog more in the future – I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the baby and the patterns I’m knitting as well as my new designs. If you have any favourite baby knitting patterns, do let me know! The only one I have just now is Young Einstein as I knit it for a friend’s baby.

July 19, 2011
I’ve been crocheting now for about three months. I wanted to learn to crochet after I first discovered amigurumi. Amigurumi is the Japanese name for small crochet (or knitted) stuffed animals, typically with oversized heads. These were so adorable I had to learn and be able to make my own! I started with these little amigurumi monsters. It’s a great simple pattern, and very fast to do, while giving you an opportunity to practice magic circles, crocheting in the round, and joining to crochet pieces together. One I crocheted in the back loops only, and the other through both loops. They now sit on my husband’s desk and seem quite happy together.
Next I moved on to a little snow dragon, who is absolutely adorable. I particularly liked the way his head and muzzle was shaped. He’s made of 11 parts and stitched together, which took a while but was definitely worth it. Next I fell for this elephant pattern, which was a bit more complicated. The body is worked from the top down, then split into four to make the legs. Mine is a little wobbly on her feet, because I think I lost count of my rows and made one leg slightly too long. The shaping of the trunk was great, with slip stitches on one side and single crochet on the other, to make it curve.
The last two amigurumi I’ve made were a cat and a monkey, both patterns from Dawn Toussaint which have all their parts crocheted together to make them seamless and gives extra strength. I really love how neatly these patterns all fit together. I love these patterns and am going to start her dog pattern soon. The monkey made part of my dad’s Father’s Day gift.
Recently I’ve started to work on my Christmas presents. I’ve already finished a star stitch scarf for my mum, and a shell stitch scarf for my mother in law. I’m also making scarves for my friends and sisters in law as soon as I have the yarn for them.
My current project is a Japanese stole made from organic cotton. Hopefully I’ll manage to finish it in the next month or two. I’m enjoying the change from wool to cotton and hopefully it will turn out well. I’m happy with what I’ve done so far.