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January 10, 2012

Oh dear. My blog has been very neglected during my holidays! I was having too much fun knitting, crocheting, playing games and visiting people. Unfortunately, the holidays are over now, and I’m back to work, and getting back into my normal routine. I didn’t manage to post my seven knit bunnies before the holidays, but I did get them all finished in time they were all named after plants (like Thistle and Bluebell) but I can’t remember all the names and went off in gift bags to their new owners along with lots of other crafty bits.
I did quite a bit of knooking and crocheting over the holidays, but I also did a lot of frogging, changing my mind and starting again, so I don’t have that much to show for the holidays. I started my Magrathea and I love it. I was originally going to do it with my gorgeous blue stash addict yarn, but I kept messing up the counting at the start and mixing up my yarn overs, so I started it again, but this time I used some new aran yarn instead of the fingering yarn. I love how it’s coming on so far. It’s going to be gorgeous and warm. Although, now I am left with 400 yards of gorgeous fingering yarn to use up in some way. I’m sure I can rise to the challenge though!
I got the yarn for my Genevieve just before Christmas, and I got my husband to measure me up and set to work. The pattern is actually really simple and seems really nicely written and adaptable. I’m making mine nice and long, with a longer back and sleeves than the original pattern, and I can seem this pattern being easy to change to any stitch. The yarn is quite nice to work with, and it’s working up pretty quickly so far. I did have a problem when I skipped a stitch and didn’t realise for four inches, then had to frog back, but other than that its been fine and as long as I can manage not to tighten my stitches it should be alright. I have a couple more inches to do for the back before putting the arms on, and then it’ll be three times as wide!
I haven’t actually gone through and revised my list yet, but I’m pretty sure a couple of things will be coming off and more going on too. For now though, I’ve updated the previous list to my current progress. I’m also working on a new phone sock that I’ll hopefully finish tonight and be ready to show off on Friday.
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December 22, 2011

And I want to show you the last of the gifts I’ve made for the girls on my list! I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I like to get them a selection of little gifts all packed into a box or bag. I usually pick things like bath bombs, small teddies, notebooks, jewellery, candles, chocolates and anything else I see that takes my fancy when I’m shopping! I normally make jewellery for them, but this year I made even more things. This year I’ve made charm bracelets and candle holders which I’ve shown you before. I’m also making little knitted bunnies, which I’ve been posting about a lot! Three are finished, three are awaiting faces and tails and one is still a square, but I’ll finish them tonight and you’ll see them in FO Friday tomorrow. I’ve also made covered notebooks and origami boxes for them, and that’s what I want to show you today!
I saw notebooks covered like this in a guest post on the Southern Institute, when I was looking for ideas of how to make my covers. It’s a very fast and simple way of covering them – although I seem to have made a lot of mistakes! And although it was designed for much smaller notebooks, it was easy enough to adapt it to the right size for my own notebooks. One thing I really loved about these covers is that they can be removed and put on a new notebook. I bought WHS A5 hardback notebooks so they’ll be easy to replace.
I used A3 brown paper for the covers, and decorated it with some decoupage paper from Hobbycraft I got 3 different colours so that all the people that know each other can get a different one. When I was making these, I got myself a papercutter. It can do straight lines (of course), but it also scores, perferates and does wibbly lines, and it was great for making these up! Scoring made folding it neatly a lot easier. I used a sponge underneath the card to keep it nice when I stuck the split pin through it. I cut the brown card out with my new craft knife, so it isn’t perfect, but that gives it character I think!
I also made origami boxes to put the charm bracelets in. I got some pretty origmai paper and paired it with some plain coloured paper for the box lids. For the bottom of the boxes I chose a colour that co-ordinated with the lid and the bracelet that was going in it. I really like the way the boxes turned out. They were very easy to make and two of the three patterns were made by folding the pieces the same way, then assembling the modules slightly differently. The pin wheel is actually my favourite, but it’s a bit harder to fit together neatly so I only made one like that. I need to shred some tissue paper to go inside the boxes and cushion the bracelets and then these will be all done.
Here’s a picture of everything together. There’s a candle holder with two apple blossom tealights, and two strawberry and passionfruit tea lights. A bubble bar or bath bomb from Lush, which is my favourite shop for bath things. I love the smell of everything they make, and I love their soaps too. A lip balm from the Body Shop, which is also one of my favourite shops! These were on three for the price of two, so I got a couple for myself too! And of course there’s a couple of chocolates for everyone, and having these sitting around the house for a couple of weeks has really tested my self control! Now I need to wrap everything up in tissue paper and pack it carefully into gift bags. Come back tomorrow, to see the last four bunnies!

December 21, 2011
It’s the last Wednesday before Christmas, and I haven’t finished my gifts! I’m confident I will though, so there’s no need to panic. I have four more bunnies to finish, so I can have a photo of the seven together before they all go seperate ways, although three aren’t likely to go to their new homes until late January. Three of the bunnies are squares waiting to be made up, and the fourth is about halfway done. I’ll finish the square off after work, and begin stitching them up tonight. I decided it might be easier to do all the squares in one go and put them all together at once, so I have my stuffing and ballast stone, needles and pompom tails all ready together, instead of hunting them out each time. I love the variation in shades of brown between the bunnies, and I particularly like the white flecks in one. I think it’ll make a lovely freckled bunny! I also need to name them all and make up tags for them, which won’t take long. Then I need to weave in the ends on the scarf I made for my mum, and get all the presents wrapped, because I haven’t wrapped any yet! I also need to pick my holiday work to take away with me, and I’m hoping my 3mm hook will arrive before we go, so I can start my Magrathea! We’re off to my parents on Friday so everything needs to be wrapped and packed by then.
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December 19, 2011

Well this weekend has been busy! I finished my notebooks and origami boxes (which I’ll be sharing tomorrow) and I finished my Snowbaby hat! I loved working on the hat! The colourwork was a lot of fun. I was holding both colours of yarn in my left hand, which I guess is continental style? Because I knook (knit with a hook) instead of actually knitting, I tend to hold things as I do when I crochet – hook in my right hand, working yarn, and my work in my left – I should probably get my husband to take a photo sometime.
Once I got into the rhythm of reaching over for the brown and under for the cream, I stopped twisting my yarn up together, and got along pretty fast. The pattern was really easy to memorise, and was quite sad when it was over! I loved doing the colourwork, and I think I’m going to have to look for more patterns that use it! I’m also quite proud of the back of the work – I managed to keep the tension on my floats nicely without being too tight. I even took a photo of it to show you! It was minus five this morning when I wore my hat out for the first time and it was lovely and cosy! The cashmerino is gorgeous and soft, and I love it. I used a russian join again when I joined my second ball of the brown, and I wove in the ends of the cream while I was knitting too, so when I got the the end I only had two ends to sew in, which was also great, and I will definitely be using both techniques in future!
I’m also very hard at work on my knit bunnies. I finished a third (giant) one on Friday. I’d love to have a photo of the seven together before I give them away so I need to finish them by this Friday. I’ve finished another square that’s ready to be bunnyfied and I’m halfway through a second square. I’m going to finish the other two and a half squares, then put all my bunnies together at once.
I’m also starting to plan what I’m going to work on over Christmas, and making sure I have what I need. My Stash Addict yarn has been tempting me for weeks, so as soon as I’m finished my bunnies I want to start my Magrathea. I’ve ordered the 3mm Knit Pro Symphonie Interchangeable Crochet hook that didn’t come with the set I bought, and that I need for Magrathea. I hope it’ll come very soon, in plenty of time for Christmas. I also ordered some yarn for my Guenvieve cardigan, because I think a long holiday is a good time to start work on something that big! It’s worked flat, but in one piece, so seaming it together shouldn’t be too bad, but I do have to measure and alter the pattern to fit. Luckily though instructions are given at each step for how to fit it. I just have to follow the instructions properly. I also want to do more work on my Realta Blanket, Polo neck Bag, and my Recuerdos de Infancia shawl, so I’ll have plenty to do!
I won’t be doing my YoP update on Sunday this week, for obvious reasons! But I’ll probably have it up on Wednesday. Have a great time everyone!
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December 16, 2011

I have managed to finish my knit bunny! This one is a little bit of a giant! I couldn’t remember how many stitches to cast on – I thought it was twenty, but when I’d done them, it looked a little small, so I cast on twenty five. I should have stuck with twenty, he towers over his friends! I love that he’s a different colour to the other two, and I can see the next colour change coming up soon. I want to make another four of these next week, but I’m having a blitz on my hat this weekend, and hopefully getting it finished off too, as well as finishing covering the notebooks, which will be Christmas gifts with the bunnies and candle holders, and getting all the other Christmas presents wrapped!
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November 4, 2011

It’s nearly the weekend again, which means bonus time for crafting! I’m planning a busy weekend this week. I need to do some tiding and I want to make up the charm bracelets I was talking about earlier this week, as well as getting in plenty of work on my Childhood Memories shawl and working on my knooking projects! This week, my FO is not surprisingly another knit bunny.
The new one is on the left, and last weeks is on the right. His head seems to be a little smaller that the first one, and I think I prefer his ears. I’d like them all to have names before I gove them away, so if you can think of names for seven little knit bunnies, let me know!
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November 2, 2011

Wednesdays and Sundays are typically the days when I recap on what I’ve been doing and decide if I’ve been productive or not! So this week, I finished balling up my skiens of Fyberspates, and started work on my shawl, and frogged it and started again with a slightly bigger hook. The yarn I’m using is four ply, but it’s more of a sport weight than fingering weight yarn, so using a 4mm hook it feeling very solid. Now I’ve gone up to a 4.5 mm hook the shawl feels much lighter and more flexible, and I’m going to skip some repeats in the body of the shawl to keep it a manageable size.
I cast on and finished my second bunny square. It’s going to become a bunny in the tonight hopefully and you’ll definitely be able to see him on Friday. This one has come out pretty much the same colour as the last one, but I can see two colour changes coming up in my ball of yarn now, so I’m pretty sure the next rabbit will be a different colour. I want to come up with names for the rabbits, to go on the little tags I’m planning for them, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! I need seven names and the rabbits will all be shades of brown.
My Happy Lavender Scarf is also still hanging around. I had intended to put it to one side while I work on my shawl and bunnies, but the bunnies work up so fast I can finish the squares in one evening, and I’m really enjoying having a crochet and a knooking project to swap between whenever I need a break. I’m currently working my way through another long lavender stripe, heading towards another dark green stripe. I’m finding these stripes really exciting! I have no idea how it’ll look when I’m finished but I’m sure I’ll love it. It’s already almost as long as my arm. I’m planning just to use up all my yarn on the scarf. I started with 111g so I’ll try and remember to weigh it again soon and see how I’m doing. Because it’s so thin, wrapping it around several times won’t make it feel bulky.
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October 28, 2011

It’s Friday at last, and I love Fridays! It’s so much fun to go around and see what’s turned from Wednesday’s WIP to an FO ready to be worn, cuddled or displayed. As bonus, it’s the last Friday of the month, so I can wear jeans to work, and the sun is shining. Since the clocks go back this weekend, the sun will not be making much of an appearance in my life from Sunday evening till Saturday morning for the next few months. It’s dark about 6pm just now, and barely light at 8am, so next week it’ll be dark at 5pm, around the time I leave work, and light at 7am – although I think I’d rather the clocks stayed where they are, now I’ve got used to getting up in the dark. In a few more weeks, daylight will be between about 9-9.30am to 3.30-4pm. Definitely an excuse to make myself more warm accessories I think!
As you can see from the picture above, I finished my knit bunny!. I love him. I think he worked out pretty well. I made him from a 5” square of stockinette. The square in bulky yarn was really fast to make, I could probably have done it in one evening if I’d focused on it. The bunny works up really quickly after the square is done. I think it probably took me about an hour last night. This time, I made the running stitches for the neck and ears much smaller and I think it made it much neater. This time though I couldn’t get it to come to a neat close at the top of his head, so I added a couple of stitches to secure it. We didn’t have any beans or lentils in the house, and my husband forgot to buy me some, so I stitched up the bunnies back and put running around the edge to close it up, then added a smallish, flat river stone and more stuffing and closed it up. Since the bunnies aren’t going to children, I figure having a stone to balance them and make them sit nicely is ok. I finished of by stitching on a face with black yarn and stitched on the tail. The tail is a really soft silky pompom which I got from John Lewis. I love the tail! The ears are pretty poseable which I think is cute, and it’s easy and quick enough that making another 6 shouldn’t be a problem. I plan to do one a week, so you can guess what the next month and a half of FO Fridays will be!
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October 26, 2011

Hurray for another WIP Wednesday! I love to see what everyone else is working on around the world, and I think it’s awesome that something so simple as yarn can bring so many people together! So this week I’ve made more progress with my Happy Lavender Scarf (if you’ve seen my YoP post you’ve already seen this photo, sorry!). I love this scarf and the yarn so much. It’s about to be put on the back burners for a little while though, as I have something very exciting to work on. I have no ambition to finish this scarf before next easter at the earliest, since it’s way to thin to be a winter scarf, and I’m glad to think it’ll be waiting for me whenever I want it.
I’ve started on my first gift knit bunny! The test one was a four inch square, but I wanted them a little bigger, so this is going to be a five inch square. The yarn I’m using is Rowan Colourscape Chunky and it’s something I’ve never worked with before – pure lambswool. It’s really soft and it’s knitting up so fast, I’m loving working with it. The yarn itself is lovely – it has several shades of brown, with pretty long colour runs, and little flecks of white and darker brown through it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to make all seven rabbits out of one skien, and that they’ll all look different to each other.
I got a very exciting parcel in the post yesterday. It had some new hooks for knooking that I’ll talk more about tomorrow, and it had yarn! The colours in the photo are a little off – it’s really a gorgeous teal colour and a bit more green than the photo. It’s Fyberspates 4 ply Scruptious, which is a 55% superwash merino, 45% silk blend, and it’s amazing. It feels so soft! I’ve already turned the first skien into a ball – which took about an hour, so after the next is done, I can start crocheting with it. This is what my Happy Lavender Scarf is being put aside for, and I’m going to turn it into the Recuerdos de Infancia shawl on my Year of Projects list. I’m really excited to get started on it!
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October 25, 2011

I got some new yarn yesterday. This is Rowan Colourscape Chunky in Braken. It’s 100% lambswool and the shades in it are gorgeous! My husband picked it out for me, to use to make my rabbits for Christmas gifts (he’s awesome about yarn shopping!) and I’m loving it. It isn’t cheap (£12 for 100g) but hopefully I’ll be able to get the seven rabbits I need from one skein. While I was winding it into a ball, it didn’t feel particularly soft, but now I’ve started knooking with it, it feels amazing. I might get more of this in a different colour way later, I think it would make an awesome, warm and soft cowl! One of the things that I’m quite excited about with this yarn, is that because it’s varigated, but the colour runs are pretty long, my seven rabbits won’t all be the same colour, although I have no idea how they’ll actually turn out! If I work hard, I might have one finished for you to see on Friday. Check back tomorrow to see how I’m getting on!