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August 16, 2011

We went shopping yesterday, because I needed a 9 mm hook. While we were there, I got some Debbie Bliss Pure Silk since it had been reduced for a second time, and I resisted getting it the last time I was in. I got this gorgeous silver colour, but now I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it! I might make the Iris Shawl with it (which is on my Year of Projects list). Or I could make another shawl or stole with it. I’m pretty sure I want to make a scarf or shawl with it but that’s about it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

August 15, 2011

Late again this week, but I have excellent excuse this time, because it was our first wedding anniversary yesterday!
Work on my Organic Stole has stalled this week. I was going to wear it with a dress I already have for my Father in Law’s wedding in September, but apparently it’s going to be pretty casual, so I’m going to wait till I have a new dress and then see what I want to do. I’ll still finish it, but for now it’s going to be on temporary hold. The next problem is to decide what is casual enough for this wedding, oh well.
The Lacey Crochet Scarf is over half way now. I really like how it’s turning out. It’s not as lacey as the original – I think mostly due to the difference in fibre – hemp vs cotton/acrylic, but blocking may open it out a bit. It’s turning out really soft too. I still haven’t decided who is going to get it though.
The Versailles Scarf is off my list now. I just wasn’t happy with how it was working up for me. I don’t know if it was the yarn, the hook size or just me, but something wasn’t right. So I think I’m going to use the yarn for the Elise Shawl instead, and find a different scarf to go on my Christmas list.
The Blanket is going pretty well. The octagons are an inch bigger than the sample I made, so I only need 80 not 99! I’m enjoying the pattern so far, but each octagon takes around an evening to finish, and since I want to work on my Christmas Scarves too, I’m going to aim for two to three octagons a week for now. The hardest part I’m finding is to choose my colours randomly (within the colour group). I have the urge to make it super organised, but I’m going to persevere and follow the suggestions with the pattern and keep it random. I think trying to make it organised, would lose some of the charm of the blanket.
I’ve also added a list of the blogs I follow to the side of the blog. I’ll be adding more soon, but don’t forget to check them out!

August 11, 2011

I got my second lot of yarn today! It’s so exciting – I love parcels! This yarn is destined to be scarves for my Christmas boxes for the girls in my life – my two best friends, two Sisters in Law, and my brother’s and step-brother-in-law’s (what a stupidly long relationship title!) girlfriends. I love making up these boxes, so I start planning them months early, lol. There’ll be more crafty stuff for them later. This particular lot are destined to be a Lacey Crochet Scarf, a Broomstick Lace Scarf and a Versailles Scarf. I don’t know who is getting what yet – I’ll have to decide after all six scarves are done I think.
I have finished my first hexagon for my Realta Blanket! I love it, and what’s even better, it’s bigger than the sample I made at the weekend. This one is 8 inches across (instead of 7) so I only need to make 80 hexagons for my blanket – not 99! This is awesome and a relief for me – 19 less hexagons to make is quite a difference. Although 80 is still a lot to make! I’m just going to take it slow and not burn out on it. I am loving the colours I have to work with though. I can see myself getting really impatient to get this one finished.

August 10, 2011

Just a quick one today because I have an eye infection and computer screens hurt. 🙁 Anyway progress on the stole this week is pretty slow and I haven’t really done much on it since Friday, so I may not hit my target this week. Also the urban shells scarf I was making is no more! I fell for the viola scarflet and I decided to use the yarn for that instead. I started and combusted it this morning, apart from the buttons (because I don’t have any!) so you’ll have to wait for Friday!
I also got all this yarn through the post this morning! It was very exciting, lol. So here’s my colour wheel for my blanket. That’s right I’m going to be brave and start my realta blanket today! Don’t forget to check out more WIP’s on Tami’s Amis!

August 7, 2011

This week I’ve finished my tote bag and I’ve been working on my Organic Stole. The Tote was pretty east once I got to grips with it, although I seem to have a bad habit of stitching into the slip stitch and increasing the number of stitches in a round, when I’m doing joined rounds, so I had to frog it back a couple of times.
The Stole is going to take me a while so I’ve set myself the target of doing a skein a week. One skein is 14 shell rows, and each pattern repeat (finishing with a shell row) takes me just over 20 minutes.
I’ve also become really tempted to start a blanket! I’m a bit scared of the

idea though, because it’s so big. I’m worried I’ll just get bored halfway through and give up. The blanket I’m thinking of doing is Gingerbread Lady’s Realta Afghan. I thinking that since it’s made up of motif’s it might be easier to get through, but on the other hand, that might make it worse. I made a sample out of some DK (I think) yarn I had sitting around, which had lost it’s label ages ago. And it measures 7 inches across. So to make a blanket for our double bed, I’d need to make 99 motifs! Regardless I’ve finished three things on my list, and now I’m adding the Realta Blanket to it – to be made once I have the yarn and the courage!

August 1, 2011

So this post is slightly late. We went down to my parents yesterday, and although I’d nearly finished writing it on my phone, it doesn’t autosave, and it wiped the whole post when I was checking something else. And so, I decided to wait until I had a proper keyboard to type on!
I’ve been making pretty good progress so far I think. I’ve finished two things from my list – the Realistic Octopus, and the Urban Shells scarf. I’ve also restarted my Organic Stole and the Tote Bag. The stole is now 7 repeats wide, instead of 10, so I should now have plenty of yarn to make it as long as I want. Unfortunately, the stole does feel like it’s taking a long time. I think it’s mostly all the chains and the joining for the small arches that are taking so long. I think I need mini targets to get me through, so I’m going to aim for using a skien a week, and then I might have it done by halfway through September. All in all, I think I’ve made a good start – and I haven’t made any changes to my list yet!

July 27, 2011

So its WIP Wednesday again and I have good progress and bad. The Organic Stole I was working on last week needs to be frogged, unfortunately. Although I was happy with it’s width, I’m not going to have enough yarn to make it as long as I’d like, and there’s no more of the same dyelot in the shop because I bought them all. So I’m going to have to frog it and start again and make it a couple of repeats narrower.
On to the good progress though and I finished a new scarf! You’ll have to wait until Friday to see it though. On Monday I started my amigurumi Realistic Octopus! I’m ridiculously excited about this one since I fell in love with the pattern a couple of.months ago. He has a head, mantle and three legs so far, so he should be finished for you to see on Friday if I can get him put together in time. Since he’s such a dark blue, I think I’ll have to put a circle of white felt under the safety eyes to make them stand out. I don’t want to try embroidering eyes on to him, because I can only ever get one eye to look the way I want, the second eye never matches the first.