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October 12, 2011

Wednesday is here again and I’ve been pretty busy. First the second Hearts on her Sleeve glove has had a disaster. Some how the yarn I was working with got chopped, so I’ve frogged it and I’ll start again with the big ball. I should still have more than enough in one ball to finish it off, and I’d rather not join yarn unless I absolutely have to. I’d only done five our six rows, so it’s not the disaster it could have been.
I’ve also been working on my Happy Lavender Scarf. I’m finding it really relaxing to do. The pattern is really easy to remember, and I’m loving the colours. I can’t wait till I reach the lime stripe. I really want to see how it looks. I’ve been doing around two colour stripes every night, which is just about enough for me to get sleepy at bedtime. I think if this goes well I’ll get some more of the Happy Cinders colourway for a second. The fingerless glove I’ve been working on in the Cinders colourway hasn’t really had any progress this week, but it has recovered from it’s bath and the yarn has all dried out again so I’ll try to do some more soon.
The other thing I’ve been working on this week, is the first of the clutch/makeup bags I’m making as Christmas presents. I have about three more inches of tulip stitch to do, then I’ll fold it in half, crochet up the sides, and add a flap to the top. I’ll probably give it a button closure, so I’ll have to remember to leave a button hole. I can’t decide if I’m going to line the bag or not, I’ll have to decide soon though. Hopefully it’ll be an FO for Friday. The colour has come out really badly (it’s a nice scarlet really) but since it’s practically winter here, and I won’t see daylight from Monday to Friday after the clocks go back, I’m afraid the rest of the photos for the next few months aren’t going to be much better.
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October 11, 2011

My husband went to the post office yesterday and picked up our parcels resulting in happy birds with new toys, treats and food, and a happy wife with new yarn! These are the colours for the clutch/make up bags. The bags are going to be in one or two colours, with the seams and flap in black. I might need to get more yarn – especially since I’m now making seven bags, instead of six. I’m loving the colours I got, although they haven’t photographed very well. The purple and blue are both darker, the pink is brighter and the red is more of a scarlet. The first one I’ve already started in red, in tulip stitch from the Crochet Stitch Book I was talking about last week. The yarn is aran thickness and I’m making them up with a 5mm hook, so hopefully they’ll work up pretty quickly. You’ll get to see my progress so far tomorrow, so don’t forget to come back!