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June 30, 2015

eIMG_1845A little over a year ago I had a baby boy! This is the blanket I designed for him while I was pregnant – I was waiting for him to arrive to take photos and publish the pattern, but life happened and he’s now a very active and noisy toddler!

At the time I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl, so I designed this blanket to be unisex and brightly coloured as pastel baby colours aren’t my thing. It can be easily customised for any baby by changing the colour of the stripes, you can even increase (or reduce) the width, and/or number of stripes for a whole new look. As it’s knit from the center it’s really easy to increase the size of the blanket – just knit the center bigger before adding the stripes.

bIMG_1913Kashti is a great size for a baby blanket – it folds up nicely for the changing bag, fits nicely over a car seat for pram, and as your baby grows it makes a great play mat – it’s even perfect for playing peek-a-boo!

I used Eden Cottage Yarns for this blanket because I love the bright colours that Victoria produces – perfect for my bright rainbow blanket – and the natural undyed Bowland yarn is a gorgeous cream colour. The Bowland DK is perfect as the Bluefaced Leicester wool is lovely and soft for a baby, but stands up well to wear.

The pattern is already up on RavelryCraftsy, Loveknitting, and it’s waiting for approval on Patternfish so it should be up within a couple of days. We’re having (hopefully very) temporary issues with the pattern pages here on my website, but my husband (tame web designer) is working on fixing them asap! For the first few days (until 11.59 pm UK time on the 5th) you can get 50% off if you buy it from Ravelry or my website, so don’t wait too long!

Thanks to my awesome husband, the pattern pages are back up and working! Here’s the link:

November 17, 2014

Well everyone, the GiftAlong is back for 2014 and my hiatus is over! If you missed the GiftAlong last year and are wondering what I’m talking about, the GiftAlong is a huge craft-along supported by over 200 indie designers! The sale is currently on and won’t end until November 22nd at 7.59am GMT (November 21st at 11.59pm US – EST) and there’s 25% off 4 – 20 of each participating designers patterns with the code giftalong2014 – all of my patterns are included in the sale! Check out the GiftAlong Ravelry Group and join in for the chance to win hundreds of prizes!


Alex helping with a photoshoot!

So what have I been doing for the last many months? I’ve been enjoying my maternity leave with my gorgeous baby boy! Alex is 5 months old now, and we’ve also moved house, and I’m in the middle of setting up a jewellery business, so I’ve been busy, but not too busy to knit! My baby blanket pattern will be published very soon – it just needs photos and tech editing – big thanks to my testers who tested it back in May! I’ve also got a glove pattern that’s almost ready for testing – Alex helped me with the photoshoot at the weekend! And I have a shawl pattern to write up and a second one to knit – prepare to see lots from me in the next few months!

December 2, 2013

BabyI’ve had a bit of a hiatus recently, but I promise there’s a really good reason for it. Over the last few weeks I’ve been so sick, tired and emotional that I couldn’t even look at my knitting needles, let alone try to focus on a design or pattern, but next June it should all be worthwhile! I finally picked up my needles again for the first time in about seven weeks yesterday, and I started knitting a Daphne and Delilah for the baby. I love Rebecca Danger’s monster patterns, they’re adorable, simple and easy to knit!

I admit that this is the second time I’ve started this pattern – I think the DK yarn I was using before was too thin, and I was getting a very small monster – and that was the mother, the baby monster would have been tiny! This time I went stash diving and I’m using Rowan Pure Wool Aran. I’m not 100% about the yarn – it’s gorgeous to knit with, and it is superwash, but I can’t help thinking that an acrylic blend might be better for a hard wearing toy. The colours I had were dark grey and red, and I’m not 100% sold on the combination, so I might end up making another monster but really I’m just enjoying knitting again for now!

I was halfway through a second fingerless mitt pattern to go with Beira – literally halfway through – when my hiatus started. The left mitt is done but I haven’t started the right hand one, the charts are done and the pattern’s laid out, but the written instructions aren’t done. So I’m going to get going with the right mitt soon and get the pattern finished and off for tech editing too. I hope to get this pattern and maybe one more mitt pattern done and published before the cold weather is over.

I have a few ideas for more designs too – a shawl or two and a baby blanket. I’ll have to intersperse new designs along with some unisex baby knitting over the next few months. I’ll try and blog more in the future – I’m sure I’ll have more to say about the baby and the patterns I’m knitting as well as my new designs. If you have any favourite baby knitting patterns, do let me know! The only one I have just now is Young Einstein as I knit it for a friend’s baby.

September 14, 2012

I feel like I haven’t done an Fo Friday post for ages! Time keeps slipping by and I can’t keep up. Thank you for all the good wishes after my wisdom tooth came out. I’m feeling much better today and I’m back to work, although I had yesterday off because I still felt really sick and miserable.

And what did I do with my time off? Yesterday my ball winder arrived! The swift arrived a couple of weeks ago, which is pretty quick considering they were coming from America and Amazon said 15th – 25th of Spetember for delivery. Although my birthday is next week, I opened them both early, and got to work on my first couple of skiens. I got them both done in about 45 minutes, which was pretty good considering one of the skiens was yarn that I’d frogged and washed, and that had got pretty tangled in the process. I am completely in love! Eight hours worth of winding yarn done in 45 minutes, just think how much (knitting) time I saved.

And today I can finally unveil Young Einstein with ends sewn in and buttons on. I really love this little cardiga. I used Rowan Handknit Cotton, which is sold in the UK as DK, but is really much closer to a worsted weight. It’s really soft and it shouldn’t have any problems in the wash. I really like the shade of green too, although it’s been pretty hard to get right in photos! The colour in this photo is pretty acurate. In the photo below, the colour is way off, but I wanted you to be able to see the detail in the buttons and apparently I couldn’t have both at the same time.

And speaking of the buttons, aren’t they cute? I have a bit of a thing for buttons but these are particularly cute! I also like that they don’t all point directly up, although that was the way they were sewn on. I think it might be the seed stitch bumps that change how they sit, but I really like the result. I have to confess that the buttos aren’t equally spaced, because I apparently forgot how to count rows, so some are 10 rows apart, and I think one might only be eight apart. The last button is the right distance – 12 rows!

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September 10, 2012

Ten weeks gone already! I have no idea where the time is going, and I really don’t seem to be sticking to my list much at all, other than using up my stash for things. Oh well, there’s still plenty of time to go.

I got a good bit done this weekend. A lot of it was swatching for the new design, but I also got my husband working on my website, so I did a lot of sketching for that and I got some knitting done too. The Young Einstein cardigan is almost finished. I just need to finish sewing in all the very many ends, and sew on the buttons. I made a few adjustments. The instructions were to knit the collar 3″ – 4″ long, but I thought that would be huge for a baby this size, so I just stopped when I was happy. I also didn’t pick up stitches for the collar. I thought it looked way too loose when I was trying to pick up stitches from the cast on, so I undid the first two rows, picked up the stitches and went up from there.

I’ve also been working on my first Holly. The second arm is nearly finished now too, then it’s just two feet and done. These little monsters are pretty quick, so getting seven done by Christmas shouldn’t be too challenging. Next up is Ivy, then I’ll do Steve and go back to Holly. I love Rebecca Dangers patterns! They’re really nicely set out and easy to follow.

Year of Projects Lists 2012-13


Buds of May
Colour Affection
Blue Jean Wrap
at least six more


Autumn Vines Beret
Quick Cable Slouch Hat/Lotus Hat
Maybe a hat for my husband


Two or three (or more) but no patterns picked yet


Vestpa (may change this one, since stockinette is not exciting)
Twisted stitch cables – Circe Vest
Cables –  Green Day


One with cables – maybe Collins or something similar.
One with stripes – Tubey
Lacey Tunic

Fingerless Gloves

A couple of pairs with cables – Swirling Gauntlets
New Era (I will get these right if it kills me!)


Use up cotton for face cloths – 88 yrds/574 yrds used!
Use up Stash – 137.4 yards used!
Do more colour work!

In Progress

Young Einstein
Daphne and Delilah
Dandelion on a Meadow Mystery KAL

Finished Projects

Momijigari – gift
Ravellenics Shawl

September 5, 2012

Ever had those days when there’s so many things you what to knit that you wish you could have more hands and do them all at once? I have so many things I want to do and can’t do them all at once. In the meantime though, I do have two projects to show you today.

First up is the Young Einstein cardigan. I really love this pattern! One of my favourite things about it is that the sizes are all colour coded, so instead of having to make sure I’m always following the third smallest size, I can just follow all the red numbers. I got pretty much the whole body done on Saturday, bu knitting tightly with cotton did put some strain on my left index finger so I put it aside for a couple of days. I was supposed to pick up stitches for the collar, but my cast on was quite loose and I really didn’t like how it looked, so I put in a lifeline a couple of rows down and cut the cast on and unraveled the first two rows. It was much easier to just pick up the stitches and knit up, and I think it looks much better too. I have about 5 inches of seed stitch to do for the collar, and then the sleeves shoud be easy. I have some really cute red airplane buttons for it when it’s done.

The other project on the needles is my first little monster. This one is going to be a Holly. I’m a bit further on now, well over halfway to having the body finished. Hopefully I’ll finish the body tomorrow and then the arms and legs will be pretty quick. Once I’ve finished the body I’ll be able to work out if the eyes I have are a good size and I can order lots more. I only have one set of eyes and about 10 monsters planned so I really need some more! The colours I’m picking are the first ones I grab when I look in my stash box, although I might change my mind and knit a rainbow of these monsters. I’m not going to be doing the hats and scarves and Stevie when I get to him will be a solid colour not stripey.

Right now I’m reading The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design which is packed full of tips and all sorts of useful information. I’ve just reached chapter 5, and although not everything in the book applies to what I’m doing (some is a bit more targetted at an American market, for example) I’m learning quite a bit from it.

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August 29, 2012

This is a very exciting week for me because on Monday I released my second pattern, Storm Warning! I’m having a giveaway for a copy of the pattern here if you’d like to enter. I’ve been pretty blown away by the response to the pattern, thank you all for your comments on it!

On the needles this week I have Young Einstein for my friend’s baby boy, Finn. After washing, the 4.5mm needle swatch came out to 21 stitches in 4 inches and the 5mm one was 19 stitches. So I’ve decided to go with the 4.5mm needles and I should be able to block it out to the right size without any trouble. I like the stitches better with this needle and I’m sure my moss stitch border would be pretty loose with the bigger needles. I haven’t got very far with it so I didn’t take any photos last night, but you can see the swatch for the colour. I’ve done about 9 rows and just started the increases for the arms. I’m doing it with a collar because I think it’s cutest that way!

I’m not working on much else this week. Quincy still only has one leg and I haven’t cast on a second yet. I want to focus on getting the baby’s jacket done by the 15th of September, so I’m letting other things slide until I get a little further along. I’ve also been busy getting my pattern ready for release. I’m between books again at the moment, so I’ll be reading all of your posts for inspiration!

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February 10, 2012

Well, it’s Friday at last, and this week it couldn’t come fast enough! I’m normally at work by ten to eight (and finish at four) so I’m really looking forward to having a lie in tomorrow! I’ve got really behind on my blog reading this week – sorry everyone – hopefully I’ll be able to catch up tonight/tomorrow!
My FO this Friday is a nice little quick pattern. It’s a really neat little ball, that I think could make a great little baby toy. One of my friends is having a baby this summer, and I think some of these in a selection of bright colours would make great safe little toys. Especially if I could get rattles, squeakers and crinkly noise things into some of them. I don’t think I stuffed this one quite well enough. It felt really full before I closed it, but afterwards I thought it felt a little empty. It was a really nice fast little pattern, and I learnt and practiced quite a few techniques, like picking up stitches – I admit to resorting to my crochet hook a couple of times to pick up stitches! – and I learnt how to do kitchener stitch to graft the last end together. It was a really neat seam and I really like it.
I think while I’m working on big projects, I’m also going to keep looking for small quick projects that will teach me or let me practice new techniques that I don’t use often as a way of broadening my horizons and increasing my skills I’m sure by the end of the year I’ll hae learnt a fair bit.
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February 8, 2012

Well this week, I haven’t got too much done. I had a disasterous time with my second New Era glove, which you can read about here. They’ve been banished to the bookshelves for a while, until I can face frogging them – they could be there till autumn! I did manage to finish the hairpin lace strip I was working on last week, as well as a second one, but I haven’t started the third strip yet. I planned out a few different ideas for a blanket and you can see more about the blanket here. My husband chose the pattern he likes best – it’s the middle one on the left in this image, so I’ll be starting that tonight. You can see in the photo, that I’ve joined the first two blanket strips together – they are really easy to join, so I’m going to keep joining as I go. So far I think I need 32 strips, but if I’m joining as I go I can either stop early, or put in some more colours.
Last night I picked up Magrathea again. I’m really glad to be working on it again, and I’m going to resist casting on any large projects till I’ve got it done – everyone needs some instant gratification every now and then! I frogged back to where I’d missed a yarn over the last time, and I’ve done another repeat or so since then. I’d forgotten how soft the yarn I’m using is! It’s gorgeous and I’m loving working on it again. I’m being very careful now, and counting the lace every time I finish a row now, to make sure I’m up to the right place. I need to always have an even number of stitches, either 24, 26 or 28. As long as I can keep that right, everything else should follow on nicely.
I’m already starting to think about this years Christmas presents. For the girls/women I want to try and do as many handmade things as I can – and for the guys too, although they’re a lot harder! I have plans to try a lot of new things this year, like making soap, and I’ll definitely be blogging about them all. So this year I want to start early. I always put a small toy in the boxes I make up for friends and sisters (have a look here). Last year I made knit bunnies for everyone. This year I want to make something else cute! There’s a lot of cute patterns on ravelry like bunny nuggets, chubby chirps, owl puffs and monster chunks. Loads of things that would be prefect for using up the scraps of blanket yarn I’m sure I’ll have, and be cute and cheerful little gifts. So on weeks when I know I’m not going to have anything else finished, and I need a little instant gratification knitting, I’ll be testing out these patterns with scrap yarn in my stash! This week I’m going to make an out of yarn ball. One of my friends is having a baby this summer, and I think some of these in loads of colours would make great little baby toys!
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