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March 29, 2018

news2I’m so happy to finally be sharing Coorie with you – I think it might be one of my favourite projects ever! I first had the idea for it all the way back in September last year and although my plans for it changed over the months, I’m absolutely in love with the results and I hope you love it too!

There were a lot of firsts for me with Coorie – my first asymmetrical triangular shawl, my first time using a single ply yarn and my first time doing intarsia. I love the swoopy curved triangle shape – you can expect to see more shawls this shape from me! The Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light yarn was a joy to knit with and so, so soft and I think this was a great gentle introduction to intarsia – it only used two balls of yarn for a start! If you’ve never done intarsia before, there’s a photo tutorial included with the pattern.

newsCoorie is written for two sizes – I knit the large size, with three skeins of yarn which is delicious to wrap up in. Just now I’m mostly using it at my computer on cold days but it’s going to be so perfect in a couple of weeks when the weather is a little warmer and the threat of snow is gone! Many of my testers knit the smaller size – it needs just over half a skein of the contrast colour so it’s great for leftovers. You can check out their projects on Ravelry.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry and LoveKnitting and there’s 20% off automatically on Ravelry until midnight (UK time) on the 3rd April. If you’re looking for a new project over Easter, this is perfect!


October 30, 2017

I startedIMG_3367small designing Bestla when I needed a shawl for my best friend’s wedding and I had nothing that worked with my dress in my collection! The lace in the body of the shawl is a pattern I’ve been waiting years to use and I’m so happy to have finally found the perfect use for it. I had three weeks to knit the shawl originally, but it needed some refinements I didn’t have time to do before the wedding, so I’ve now knit Bestla three times, and I’ve loved it every time!

Bestla is written in two sizes for one or two skeins of fingering/4ply weight yarn and it’s super easy to change the size by working more or less repeats of the lace section. The shawl is a shallow crescent shape, with an elongated garter tab to eliminate the hump common in crescent shawls, a stockinette body, followed by a IMG_3448 smallwide lace section and finished with a delicate leaf border. It’s named after Bestla who was a Norse frost giantess and the mother of Odin.

The pattern is now available on Ravelry, Loveknitting and here on my website. I really hope you’ll enjoy knitting it as much as I have! Use the coupon code on Ravelry and my website BESTLABLOG for 20% off until the 5th Nov!

August 6, 2015

aIMG_2475All the way back in February my brother-in-law got married. Clearly I had no choice but to knit a shawl to go with my dress – unfortunately I left the planning a little late so I had to come up with something I could knit very, very quickly, which and which wasn’t too complicated as I had to be able to knit while  watching my very active, troublesome and adorable eight month old baby! The result is Parvati – named after the Hindu Goddess of weddings. I love this shawl! The garter stitch is so warm and quick to knit up, and the lace makes a dramatic and glamourous contrast.

The original shawl for the wedding is knit in the steel grey and I got it done in just two cIMG_1649weeks – blocked it the night before we drove six hours, and sewed in the ends just hours before the wedding – check me out trying to sew in ends and keep my son out of the dogs bed at the same time. Next time I’ll try to be a bit more organised! I then went back a knit up the purple shawl using just one skein of yarn. It’s super easy to increase the size of the shawl and directions on how to do it are included in the pattern.

aIMG_2669_fixedThe purple shawl is knit in Fyberspates Scrumptious Sock which is unfortunately now discontinued, but Eden Cottage Titus 4ply, or any of your favourite fingering/sock weight yarns would be perfect for this. Pick your favourite colour and give it a go!

The pattern is already up on my websiteRavelryCraftsy, Loveknitting, and Patternfish. For the first few days (until 11.59 pm UK time on the 11th) you can get 50% off if you buy it from Ravelry or my website, so don’t wait too long!

August 27, 2013

My new pattern is ready and I’m so excited to share it with you all at last! Like most of my other shawls it’s name is Greek. Aoide was the Titan muse of song and I love the name. As soon as I saw it I knew I had to design a shawl for her and here it is. I wonder if that makes her the muse of knitting pattern designers? She certainly inspired me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m completely in love with this one. The stockinette section is a really nice, relaxing knit perfect for the car or when you’re watching TV (and we all need one of those sometimes!) and the lace gives is a lovely feminine finish. This is another heart-shaped shawl – I’m not a fan of triangular shawls because I find they have to be huge to give me the wingspan I want for wrapping around nicely, but I love heart and crescent shaped shawls. If you’re careful to weigh your yarn before you start and after you finish, you should be able to get two shawls out of your yarn by swapping the main and contrast colours over.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWorking out the maths for this one was a little tricky – I had to find the point where the stripes worked out evenly finishing on a contrast stripe, get enough stitches for the lace panel and not let the shawl get ridiculously big, but I got it figured out in the end as you can see! There were a couple of other challenges – the transition between the stockinette and lace was a little awkward in my swatches (as the yarn overs stretched back in to the stockinette) but the eyelet row was the perfect solution for that and tied in with the eyelet row at the end to pull everything together beautifully. The other challenge was working out the increases along the spine so that they worked nicely with the lace panel. I’m delighted with how it all came together!

The pattern is already up on Ravelry, Craftsy and here on my website, and it’s waiting for approval on Patternfish so it should be up within a couple of days. For the first two days (until 11.59 pm UK time on the 29th) you can get 50% off if you buy it from Ravelry or my website, so don’t wait too long!

July 25, 2012

Today, at last the sun has come out again. The last few days have been very warm, very humid and the sky has been solid grey from one side to the other, so this makes a nice change!

I’ve been making lots of progress with Momijigari and I’m really happy with how it’s going now I’m not being distracted with new ideas for my design all the time! I got the rest of the body finished on Monday night and got the nerve wracking bit over. The nerve wracking bit was making sure I had enough stitches to pick up for the border. I knew I had the right number of yarn over loops at the halfway point and I was very pleased to discover the second half had the right number too. The next row was mostly “yo, k1” which was also a little tricky, but I managed to spot the few times I missed yarn overs before I went too far.

I’m about halfway through the border now and the last row started to bring in the points on the garter stitch blocks. One of the things I really love about this shawl is the contrast between the vertical garter stitch lines and the horizontal ones. All that garter stitch makes it really stretchy too. I’m looking forward to seeing how it blocks out. It’s quite a fast pattern too, since I’ve only been working on it for just under two weeks now, and I’d have been faster if I hadn’t got distracted designing a shawl for Ravellenics. I might manage to finish it tonight, but if not I’ll definitely have it finished tomorrow night. If I can finish it tonight, you’ll get to see it on Friday!

I finished reading the Agatha Raisin omnibus last night which was a lot of fun. There’s another 16 books in the series so I’m going to look out for more sales on the kindle or see if I can pick up any in charity shops to get the rest. I’ve just started a new book called Austenland. I’ve had this book on my kindle since I first got it, nearly six months ago. I think it was either free or for under a pound. I’m really enjoying it so far. Jane Hayes is obsessed with Mr Darcy and her great-aunt has left her a three week holiday to Pembrook Park where she’ll spend her time living as if she was in a Jane Austen book. The plan is that this will get her over her obssession, but it never works out like that does it? Jane has just arrived so I’m looking forward to seeing how the story develops.

As always check out Tami’s and Ginny’s for more WIP Wednesdays and Yarn Alongs.

February 20, 2012

Another week has been and gone already, and I imagine this week will pass even faster for me! I have three days at work, then a four day trip to London, which I’ve already mentioned quite a few times, and I’m really excited about! We’re going to see a few shows – Les Misérables on Thursday which I’ve wanted to see ever since I learnt to play the music on the piano about ten (or more!) years ago, Friday is Blood Brothers, and Saturday is Mousetrap – Agatha Christies play. I’m not sure what else we’re going to do, there’ll be two of us on Thursday and Friday, and on Saturday another friend is joining us. The two girls I’m going with were my bridesmaids, and we don’t see each other too much these days, since I’m in Aberdeen and they are near Leeds, so I’m really excited about the trip.

I’m taking the train down and back which is a 7 hour trip each way, so I’ve cast on a couple of projects, and I’ll be getting a new book and an audiobook for the trip. And that brings me to what I’ve been knitting this week! First up is my finshed Magrathea. I really love this shawl! It’s so warm with the wool cotton mix and the yarn is so soft. It feels fantastic. The pattern was good and easy to follow, although I did occasionally have problems with missing yarn overs. Blocking didn’t go 100% as I intended. Most of it went well, but the second half of the border hasn’t held the points I tried to put in, so I think I’ll try reblocking the border tonight, and hopefully it’ll come out nicely second time. I’m planning to take Magrathea down to London with me, so I want to give it plenty of time to dry out before I go.

I’ve also been working away at Henslowe. I have ripped everything out once, because I realised I’d missed a yarn over back at the start. The yarn over’s are really important as you pick them up to make the border, so making sure I don’t miss any is important, and I’d hate to get to the end of the body, then realise the second row had a missing loop! The yarn is gorgeous. I love the way the colours are working up together, and with no pooling too. It feels really nice – soft but springy, although I imagine blocking will rduce the springyness a little.

I also cast on a couple of new projects, and come to the realisation I really need a second pair of 5mm needle tips! The first is the garter ruffles scarf. I’m making this one with Debbie Bliss Andes, which was the second yarn gift from my husband for Christmas! It feels gorgeous and I’m really looking forward to wearing this one. The pattern is pretty simple, it has a short repeat with short rows and an increase, so it should be perfect for the train. I wanted to make sure I was happy with the projects I’m taking with me, so I cast them on early. The second is a scarf with Patons Smoothie DK. I had planned to do Branching Out with this yarn, but I was having trouble getting the cast on right. It needs to be loose because you increase quite a lot of stitches at the start of the lace repeat, before decreasing again, but I kept casting on too tight and it wouldn’t stretch nicely. So instead I’m making Cream of Spinich. I really like this pattern. it’s got a nice simple repeat, and I love the texture of the passed over stitches. No photos of this one I’m afraid, I started it after I’d done the photo’s of the others.

Last but definitely not least is my crochet hairpin lace blanket. I finished another strip on Friday and got it all joined up. I like how it’s going so far, but I’m about to have my first real colour change. I think the colours will look ok together but only time will tell. The next colour is Sunshine. I’ve decided the blanket will probably find a home on our sofa, but I’m still going to make it big enough for a double bed, because that will give me more options later on – I wouldn’t want to end up wishing I’d made it bigger a year or two down the line!

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September 9, 2011

It’s Friday, I have an FO and I go on holiday tomorrow! Today is a good day! Although it would be better if it wasn’t raining… You can’t have everything though. So I finished my Elise Shawl on Wednesday and blocked it out. I’m really happy with it. I love it. I definitely think I made the right choice with the border. I love the spikey points, without stretching out my shawl and blocking it so hard it looked holey. I do wish a bit that I didn’t have the tc in the centre of my groups of three, and I think if I make another, I’ll leave that as a dc like the ones on either side. Other than that, I blocked it just enough to get my border points to stand out, and spread the shawl out nicely. It might have grown a couple of inches in width and length but I didn’t measure it at all, so I’m not sure.
The yarn is fantastic! It’s Drops Baby Alpaca Silk and it’s so soft it’s fantastic. I had no problems with it spliting, it didn’t twist at all, I had one knot, but I’m pretty sure I put that in myself. It was a dream to work with. I’m definitely going to use it again – It’s also cheap – £3.60 for 185 yards plus p+p and delivery only took a couple of days (ordering after 6pm) (a single skien of most other yarn up here is at least £5). Since mostly what we seem to have in the shops up here is DK, being able to get yarn delivered easily and fairly cheaply is a huge advantage. I’ve also loved the other Garnstudio yarns I’ve used so far, so I think it may soon become one of my favourite yarn makers.
I bought three skiens, but I only actually used two – including making this little flower. It’s the same pattern as last weeks, but much smaller. I still need to get a brooch to put it on – I’m sure I have some somewhere, but I couldn’t find them last night, so for the photo it’s on a safety pin. I blocked the flower out at the same time as my shawl, to make the points sharper. The petals were originally very round and floppy, bit I prefer the sharp points to the petals, like my original.
The only problem with all this, is I can’t wear it for a week! The shawl is gorgeous, and soft and off-white, and I need it to wear at my father-in-laws wedding a week tomorrow, so I can’t take the risk of it getting dirty before then, so it’ll have to be packed carefully until then, but I’ll still be able to show it off to my mother-in-law while we’re on holiday with her next week. Tami doesn’t have her FO Friday post up yet, but check it out later and see everyone elses awesome FOs!