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March 15, 2013

Anthousai - Large

When Anthousai was test knitted I had two testers who were unfortunately unable to finish the test. So I’ve decided to give away two free copies to people who will knit it up and post projects on Ravelry.

The pattern has been tested and tech edited so there shouldn’t be any mistakes left (but please do let me know if you find any). There’s no time limit on this but I’d be greatful if you could finish in the next couple of months. You have a choice of the large or small size, written or charted instructions.

Good reviews are not compulsory – I’d prefer honest ones, but I love the pattern and I hope you will too. If you’re interested in a copy, please head over to my group and post on the thread here.


I’m afraid I’ve not had much to share recently. I’m knitting away hard on my two new patterns. One is a gif t for my friend so I have to have the sample finished and photographed in two weeks time! We’re also rearranging the house quite a bit at the moment. Our desks and computers have been upstairs in our spare room, but we’re making a new desk downstairs in our living room and puting a nice sofa bed upstairs so it’ll be a library/spare room. All of my books will be staying up there and most of my craft gear too, so it should be a nice relaxing room.

I want to diversify my blog a bit. There’s not much point my posting on WIP Wednesdays when I don’t have anything I can show you  on the needles, but I don’t want to let the blog languish between new releases. I’m going to start blogging more about the other things that go on here hopefully.

My life isn’t that exciting – work, home, knit, repeat mostly, but I love baking and cooking so I’m going to try and post about new things I try in the kitchen. I also have a lot of cook books that I don’t use enough so this should give me a nudge in the right direction. I also occasionally do other crafts and I’ll be sharing them with you two – I made soap and candles as well as sewing monsters and making jewellery at Christmas.

I also want to put up so tutorials for techniques I use in my patterns, for example, beading for Storm Warning, or short rows and herring bone stitch that I’m using in one of my new patterns.

Yarn reviews are another thing I’d like to do. I love knitting with yarn from indie dyers and I’ll be sharing my experiences with you in the future, and hopefully introducing you to some new dyers.

February 20, 2013

It’s a very wet and miserable Wednesday over here today! But I’ve been making loads of progress with my knitting which is really exciting. My latest design is off the needles and I love it – although I’m about to cast on another one for my friend because I saw the most perfect yarn for her the other day. It hasn’t arrived yet, or I’d have a photo for you but it’s a gorgeous soft pinky grey. Plus the prototype has a couple of errors, so I’m keeping it for me. I’m hopefully going to get the new one into testing next week so if you’re interested feel free to stalk my group. Hopefully I’ll have come up with a name for it by then!

Anthousai is very nearly ready for publishing! The first of my testers posted her finished shawl this morning which was really exciting for me. One of my favourite things about designing is seeing what everyone else makes from my patterns. I’m going to dig out all my swatches and progress shots and next Wednesday I’ll tell you how I came up with the idea and set about it, then next Friday I’ll have a FO post for you at last.  If you want to be the first to know when my pattern is up, follow my facebook, twitter, Ravelry group or sign up for the newsletter!

My sock has a shocking lack of progress recently – the cuff isn’t as exciting as the rest! The facecloth hasn’t made much progress either, but my new shawl design is going well and I’m really excited about it. I’m doing so maky shawls right now, I decided to get an extra pair of 4mm needle tips and two more 30″ cables for my set.

I have a new shawl idea buzzing around in my head, but I really need to find some time to sit down with my stitch dictionaries to help it develope. I only have three right now, but I’d love to get more, so if you have a favourite stitch book please let me know!

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February 8, 2013

My second skein of yarn arrived on Wednesday Damsonand I really love it! It’s Eden Cottage Titus 4 Ply which is a gorgeous 30% silk/70% merino blend. I’ve already used this yarn in the autumn colourway for my Anthousai shawl and I really love working with it. This colourway is Damson, and it’s gorgeous. It’s also really tricky to photograph well! The colour is a really nice dark purple with hints of blue and red. I’ve already started knitting a new design and even though it’s only 30 rows in, I really love how it’s going.

This weekend I’m hoping to get more done on the shawl I showed you on Wednesday. It’s a sideways shawl and I’m onto the decreases now so it should be going faster with every repeat I do. I want to do a couple of phototutorials for this one too, so I might get them done this weekend if my photographer (aka husband) can be persuaded to help.

My Anthousai test seems to be going well and the pattern is off with my fantastic tech editor, so I’m really hopeful about getting the pattern published at the end of the month. I don’t really have much to do for this one any more apart from hoping for the weather to improve so that I can get on with the last few photos I want.

Have a great weekend everyone!

February 1, 2013

Friday is here! Only seven more hours till the weekend starts, and I have loads of plans for the weekend. Firstly though, I have a little moan because our internet isn’t working properly. The problem is really with the phone line – sometimes the dial tone will be all crackly so our internet is really slow, and other times it’s just gone and we have no internet at all! Fingers crossed we don’t lose internet completely over the weekend. The BT guy is coming on Monday to fix it, which is a relief because we’ve already been dealing with our dodgy internet for a week.

My plans for the weekend are much happier Regia Snowflake 4plythough! If the weather’s good we’ll take my new tripod out and get the last few photos of the shawl I finished last week done. I am going to be going over the shawl pattern and hopefully get it sent off to a tech editor. The shawl that I was blocking on Wednesday is have a rest just now, to see if the curling is going to get worse, but I’m hoping to get that back on the needles. Right now the top edge just wants to flop over and I think I can deal with that, so I’m just letting it relax to make sure it’s not going to decide to curl up completely. This one is going to be a gift for a friend, so I really want it to be perfect.

I’m also swatching another shawl. I came up with the Regia Snowflake 4ply Closeupdesign for this one a few months ago, and I’m really happy to get the chance to swatch it at last. Hopefully I’ll be able to find the perfect yarn for it over the weekend – right now, I’m thinking of looking for a nice red yarn for it. My new needles have finally arrived, and they are going to be really busy this weekend. I’ve ordered some 42″ chiagoo fixed circulars in 2.25 mm and 2.5 mm – perfect for magic loop! First I’m going to be casting on the cuffs for my fingerless gloves and then I’ll be starting some socks. This first pair are going to be for me – so mistakes won’t matter too much! I also really want to knit for my mum, but she isn’t really a scarf or shawl person, so I think socks might be the perfect answer for her. All the photos are of course of the yarn that will shortly be socks! I’m not linking up with Tami today, because I really haven’t finished anything.

January 18, 2013

My new website is finally live! I hope you all like it.  The design is mine, but my wonderful husband (with quite a bit of nagging!) did all the coding and clever stuff for me. The website and blog is on WordPress now, as we couldn’t get blogger to work nicely with our custom theme, but I really like how it’s all worked out. I am afraid you’ll need to update your rss feeds and readers though. The new RSS feed is here. The website is my FO for today, so please have a good look around and let me know what you think!

I’m really excited about this year. I have loads of ideas for new designs. The green shawl I was working on last year is done, and I’m about halfway through a smaller version of the shawl. The pattern is mostly written , and the charts are almost finished too. Hopefully I’ll get it in testing in February.

I have another shawl on the needles. This one is a bit different from my others as it has very little lace. It’s a sideways shawl, and is going to be a gift for a friend. After I’m finished that I have another few ideas charted and I’ll get to pick something new to work on!

One of the most exciting things happening this year, is that my husband will be graduating from uni. I’m really excited about it and I can’t wait for May. He’s been at uni for five years now, so this will be a huge change for us!

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Comments are fixed now!

September 3, 2012

Last week was a very busy week for me – I released my second pattern, Storm Warning, and the HPKCHC started a new term on Saturday so I’ve been working out how to fit the things I want to do into classes. I’m having a giveaway for one copy of the Storm Warning here, the closing date is September 4th (tomorrow!) so this is your last chance to enter. I wrote about my design process on Friday, and you can check it out here if you’re interested!

I also (finally) cast on Young Einstein last week. I’ve finished the body of the cardigan now and I just have the sleeves and the collar to go. I really hate picking up stitches, and I have to pick up all the cast on stitches to knit the collar from them. I really wish that I’d followed my first idea and used a provisional cast on, but I’ll make this work. I’m knitting it with Rowan Handknit Cotton, which is sold as a DK but is really more of a worsted in weight. It feels really soft and shouldn’t be hard to care for at all. I am knitting quite tight though and my left index finger, which I use to tension my yarn was feeling some strain on Saturday night so I put it aside for a couple of days.

My plans for the rest of the month are to get at least three of my monsters done for Christmas presents and make one more project bag. There’s an excellent prompt for a cowl, so if I can get an idea fastened down I’ll hopefully get that design done because the idea has been niggling at me for a while! I have to get another two shawls done for birthday presents by the end of November, but that shouldn’t be too hard. Quincey and Daphne will hopefully both get finished at some point in the next two months!

The biggest plan I have is to get my latest shawl down on paper and then knitted. I have an idea for how I want the shawl to look in my head, but no idea how to get it down on paper. I think it would be easiest to chart from the bottom up, although it’ll be knitted from the top down. So that means my first task is to work out how many stitches I want to start with. I don’t want to blog about this one too much as I go because I don’t want you to get bored, but I’ll take plenty of photos and share the process at the end!

Year of Projects Lists 2012-13


Buds of May
Colour Affection
Blue Jean Wrap
at least six more


Autumn Vines Beret
Quick Cable Slouch Hat/Lotus Hat
Maybe a hat for my husband


Two or three (or more) but no patterns picked yet


Vestpa (may change this one, since stockinette is not exciting)
Twisted stitch cables – Circe Vest
Cables –  Green Day


One with cables – maybe Collins or something similar.
One with stripes – Tubey
Lacey Tunic
Fingerless Gloves

A couple of pairs with cables – Swirling Gauntlets
New Era (I will get these right if it kills me!)


Use up cotton for face cloths – 88 yrds/574 yrds used!
Use up Stash – 137.4 yards used!
Do more colour work!

In Progress

Young Einstein
Daphne and Delilah
Dandelion on a Meadow Mystery KAL

Finished Projects

Momijigari – gift
Ravellenics Shawl

July 12, 2012

I’ve done really badly with blogging this week! Partly it was because we were away at my in-laws, and I didn’t really get that much done anyway. Partly it was problems with photos and partly it was timing – I had nothing on the needles for WIP Wednesday yesterday. My husband tried to take photo’s of me wearing the shawl on Thursday, but I’d much rather be behind the camera than in front of it. It was really sunny for a change too, and I kept squinting or I had a really stupid expression on my face, or something was wrong! Wish us better luck tonight! I also wanted to reblock my shawl, since it wasn’t as deep as I liked. I did think it was 15″ deep, but it turned out my husband was “helping” and it was only 12″ deep. I blocked it out again last night and on the mats it measures 20″ at the middle so I’m happy that it’ll be deeper even if it does spring back a little. The points kept wanting to fold up too, so hopefully that will be helped with this second blocking. The shawl is represented in the photo by one of my left over skiens.

Peeking over at the back is my Lacey Tunic. It’s pretty much finished, I just need to get all the ends sewn in. There are a lot of ends! I’ll persevere and get it all done tonight and hopefully photographed too – you might be lucky and get a double FO Friday tomorrow. I finished the tunic with about 6″ of yarn left! I didn’t even try for a cowl neck, but I did add six rows of seed stitch to the bottom of the tunic, with careful weighing after each row to see if I could make it round again. I really love how it’s turned out. I’m petrified of washing it though, in case it doesn’t fit any more. It’s also 100% dk weight cotton, so it needs to dry flat and it’ll take forever, so photos first then washing, and I’m not going to block it, just lay it flat.

Also in the photo are my yellow and red for Basil the Boogie Woogie Brontosaurous. I’ve got two balls of each because Penelope turned out a little small, so I’m going to knit with double strands. It’s the first time I’ve done this so it should be interesting. The big grey ball will be New Era gloves. I tried to cast these on a few times today, but they weren’t working out for me. My gauge is too tight with the 4.5mm needles but the 5mm needles look too loose. So I’m going to add six stitches or so and see if that works out for me. The purple ball has been sitting around for ages and it’s time has finally come. It’s going to become a Momijigari for my friend. Her birthday is November, but I like to be ready early! You can also see some fabrics peeking out under the yarn. I’m really looking forward to doing things with them. So far my plans are the drawstring bags I was talking about a while ago – the plan is to make them reversable with a pocket on the inside. I’m also going to make a crochet hook case, like the needle case I made a little while ago, and a needle book for my sewing needles, because they are always disappearing!

February 8, 2012

Well this week, I haven’t got too much done. I had a disasterous time with my second New Era glove, which you can read about here. They’ve been banished to the bookshelves for a while, until I can face frogging them – they could be there till autumn! I did manage to finish the hairpin lace strip I was working on last week, as well as a second one, but I haven’t started the third strip yet. I planned out a few different ideas for a blanket and you can see more about the blanket here. My husband chose the pattern he likes best – it’s the middle one on the left in this image, so I’ll be starting that tonight. You can see in the photo, that I’ve joined the first two blanket strips together – they are really easy to join, so I’m going to keep joining as I go. So far I think I need 32 strips, but if I’m joining as I go I can either stop early, or put in some more colours.
Last night I picked up Magrathea again. I’m really glad to be working on it again, and I’m going to resist casting on any large projects till I’ve got it done – everyone needs some instant gratification every now and then! I frogged back to where I’d missed a yarn over the last time, and I’ve done another repeat or so since then. I’d forgotten how soft the yarn I’m using is! It’s gorgeous and I’m loving working on it again. I’m being very careful now, and counting the lace every time I finish a row now, to make sure I’m up to the right place. I need to always have an even number of stitches, either 24, 26 or 28. As long as I can keep that right, everything else should follow on nicely.
I’m already starting to think about this years Christmas presents. For the girls/women I want to try and do as many handmade things as I can – and for the guys too, although they’re a lot harder! I have plans to try a lot of new things this year, like making soap, and I’ll definitely be blogging about them all. So this year I want to start early. I always put a small toy in the boxes I make up for friends and sisters (have a look here). Last year I made knit bunnies for everyone. This year I want to make something else cute! There’s a lot of cute patterns on ravelry like bunny nuggets, chubby chirps, owl puffs and monster chunks. Loads of things that would be prefect for using up the scraps of blanket yarn I’m sure I’ll have, and be cute and cheerful little gifts. So on weeks when I know I’m not going to have anything else finished, and I need a little instant gratification knitting, I’ll be testing out these patterns with scrap yarn in my stash! This week I’m going to make an out of yarn ball. One of my friends is having a baby this summer, and I think some of these in loads of colours would make great little baby toys!
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February 7, 2012

Well, today is time for my first One a Day update, and I can safely say I’m on track! My aim is to do 50 – 100 loops a day, and last week I did 614 loops. I think that’s preety good going! Hopefully I can keep it up. I made my first strip 500 loops long, then took it through and laid it on the bed to find a length I was happy with. I decided the bast way to keep the loops from getting tangled was to do the up – like you would for the sides of the finished blanket, so I did that, which helped me to work out exactly how many loops I needed. The answer is 414! Which isn’t too bad. I’m going to keep aiming for 50 – 100 loops a day, and I’ll manage to finish at least one strip a week, so the blanket should keep growing nicely.
I made and finished a second strip at the weekend, and you can see what they’ll look like together. The black is going to be a border at each side, and the reddish brown is the first colour of the blanket. I’ve worked out that 30 more strips should make it a good size for our double bed, and if I want to make it wider I can always add extra black strips at each side. I want to keep joining the strips as I go, which should keep things neat and make it easy to see how I’m doing. So to do this, I wanted to plan the colours. I’m still not quite sure which I like best. I have one here that’s random – and that was hard to do! One is a rainbow, and the other four I made up from taking the colours from a colour wheel going round and round taking every third/fourth/etc colour. I need to see what my husband like best too, but what do you think?
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