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March 23, 2012

A very late post from me today! We’re away at my mother-in-law’s and we’ve had a very busy day of sleeping late and walking dogs. The weather’s been great so we have to take advantage of it, because being on the west coast it’s normally raining here when we come down. I have two things to show off today, first up is Henslowe which you might have seen on Monday in my Year of Projects post.

I really love this pattern. I do have a hard line around the body, and I think next time I’d do what a lot of people  suggested and do double yarn overs at the start of every row. The yarn is fantastic. It’s Stash Addict yarn and it’s gorgeous. It’s really smooth and the colours are great. I love the shades in it and I will definitely be getting more. I’m also really tempted to make a second slightly bigger Henslowe later.

Next up, I finished the case for my interchangeable needles. I’m really happy with how this turned out. I love the fabrics, which were part of the City Girl fat quarters bundle on The Fat Quarters. I made a couple of mistakes with the pattern, but I can live with them. I found the straight stitch setting this time, and I think I’m getting better at doing straight lines.

The little zip purse on the side is great for holding all the little things I keep losing, like my stitch markers and my tape measure. There’s plenty of space for more knitting needles too, so I have room to expand my set – or maybe that’s just an excuse! The purse is stitched into  the side seam of the case so there’s no chance of losing it.

The strap fits quite nicely although I’ve left a little slack in it so that it should be a good fit when the case is full of needles. I found it a lot simpler to make than I expected. I found the straight stitch setting, and I think my straight lines are getting better. As I said on Wednesday, the case is one I reverse engineered after seeing madbird’s cases. I couldn’t wait six weeks to get one, and I like to make things for myself and so I made my own.

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March 19, 2012

Another week on and Henslowe is finished! A glass of wine and my faourite new shows for the week were clearly what I needed to motivate me and I got the whole second half of the edging done in one go. I have to confess that I wasn’t completely happy with it when I finished because it still felt really small. I forgot to measure it before blocking though so I’m not sure how small it actually was. When I blocked it though, I got it to stretch out to 51″ wide, which is the exact length as the pattern states.

I’m really happy with the way it sits, although like other people have commented I do find theres a tight line around the body where the yarn overs are. If I make another Henslowe I’ll definitely do double yarn overs when I’m working on that part. I love the lacey border on the shawl, I think it’s fantastic and the yarn is gorgeous!

So having finished Hensloew I get to start something new! I’ve actually started two new projects this weekend and I’m going to be starting a third since we’re going on a tip and I want to have things to take with me. First up is my pin cushion. I’m adapting the Peyote Pincushion pattern to make it bigger and seamless. I really like this pattern, and I have the cutest butterfly button to go with it. I started in the yarn left over from my shawl, but it was going to be absolutely tiny in fingering yarn, so I’m using some of the left over yarn from Magrathea instead. I used a crochet cast on as a provisional cast on to try it out, and I followed the instructions for the base from the pattern. I’ve just picked up the provisional cast on again to start knitting the other half. I think I’m going to do some increases before I get into the pattern, because I think I’d like it to be a little bit wider. This should be a pretty fast knit and might even be done by Friday.

The next thing I cast on (barely) is Tubey. This will be my very first sweater, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. I’ve tinkered with this pattern a little too. Instead of knitting across the back first and then joining in the round for the first sleeve, before picking up the provisional cast on to do the second sleeve, I’m starting with the second sleeve and then I’ll knit across the back. I’m doing it this way because I want to make sure the sleeve fits and is a comfortable size before I’ve knit too much and have to frog back to the start to increase how many stitches I cast on. So far the pattern doesn’t look too hard, and I haven’t found anything that confuses me, so fingers crossed it will all go smoothly.

I’m also going to cast on the Usoa Shawl this week. I’m not looking forward to casting on for this shawl I have to confess. I have to cast on 216 stitches! There’s going to be a lot of counting and re-counting stitches for me I think. I’m really looking forward to this shawl though. It’s knit across from the top down, and the lace is knitted on at the same time, so each row will be faster than the one before. I’m making this one from my Drops Fable, that I bought last year for a different scarf that I ended up not liking, so hopefully things will go better this way. I was crocheting with it before so hopefully I’ll prefer it knitted. I’ve also come to the conclusion that there’s an awful lot of blue in my stash, so my aim is to branch out a little and buy myself more colours!

Here’s the up to date list:

My Year of Projects Lists

To Do/In Progress
Slate Scarf – In progress
Garter Ruffles Scarf – In Progress
Hairpin Lace Blanket – In Progress
Tubey – In Progress
Pin Cushion – In Progress
Blisco – Freedom Sincere
Usoa Shawl – Drops Fabel
Clematis – Fyberspates
Mezquita Shawl
3 x HPKCHC Homework
Face Clothes – Drops Paris
Calorimetry – Have yarn
Needle Book – Trying out entrelac (leftovers of blanket yarn)
Scissor Case

Finished Things

Tote Bag – Finished
Windschief Hat – Finished
Snowbaby Hat – Finished
Skaði Fingerless Gloves – Finished
Lacey Crochet Scarf – Finished
Iris Crocheted Shawl – Finished
Shawl Collared Cowl – Finished
Urban Shells – Finished
Elise Shawl – Finished
Betula  Ring – Finished
Magrathea – Finished
Knit Bunnies x 7 – Finished
Realistic Octopus – Finished
Henslowe – Finished

March 2, 2012

I completely failed at prewriting and scheduling this post last week! I could really do with being more organised *laughs*. By the time I’d ripped out my Slate Scarf and cast on again with my 5mm needles instead of 5.5mm ones, decided I couldn’t work out which row I was on for my Garter Ruffles Scarf and ripped it out and started again, thrown clothes in a suitcase, check repeatedly that I had my tickets, and anything else I might need, it was time for bed! And then I slept in half an hour later than I’d meant to in the morning and there was no time for anything else – organisation isn’t really my strong point! I have two things to show you today.

First up is a second Out of Yarn ball. I made this one with bulky yarn and my 5m needles to get a really tight sturdy fabric. I also stuffed it a lot more than I did the first one, and it’s made it a really nice round shape. The other is a little bit more cube like I think. Lastly I put in a squeaker and stitched it up. This ball is destined for one of my Mother-in-law’s two Shih Tzu’s. She loves soft squeaky toys, and we get her one every Christmas, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t have a ball yet. Hopefully Daisy will love it, and I’ll try and get some pictures of her with it when we go and see them at the end of the month. The yarn I used for this was Patons Trentino Chunky and I hate the yarn! It was actually the first yarn I ever bought and crocheted with. I think part of the reason I dislike it is that I’ve only ever used it for amigurumi and now this ball – both of which needed to be knitted/crocheted pretty tight so the stuffing doesn’t show, with much smaller needles/hooks than recommended. I also find it pretty rought to work with. But for this project it’s pretty much perfect. It’s a 90% acrylic/10% wool blend, so washing it shouldn’t be a problem, and it should stand up pretty well against chewing.

Next up isn’t made of yarn at all, but it is very helpful none the less. When I decided to take Magrathea to London with me, I wasn’t sure what the weather was going to be like (it was boiling! I spent most of the time in vest tops and carrying Magrathea and my thinnest cardi around) and I wans’t sure if I’d want a shawl or a scarf more. I decided if I did wear it as a shawl I’d want a pin or brooch to hold it in place, but I didn’t want to make another flower for this one, like I did for my Elise shawl, so I  made a shawl pin instead. I used some thick copper wire I’ve had kicking around in my jewellery making supplies for ages, and a wire bending jig I’ve had for a few years (I love having loads of craft tools around!). The wire was really soft but hammering it lightly on the back firmed it up really nicely and it worked perfectly! I’m afraid this is the best photo I’ve managed to take – the shine makes photographing it really tricky. If you’re interested in a tutorial for making one, let me know and I’ll take some photos and make one up – it’s really easy to do, and really effective. If you don’t have a jig for bending the wire, you could probably improvise with some nails in a piece of wood.

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February 3, 2012

Well, it’s Friday at last and I’m having a short day today. My office has a flexi-time system. We can start anytime before 10, have lunch between 11 and 2, and leave after four. You can either work extra hours and save up for 6 extra days off a year, or you can just use them as you go. I had six hours saved up, so I decided to make use of them. Instead of starting at 8am, I’m starting at 10 and having a 6 hour day! The perfect thing for a Friday I think.
Today I have the first of a new pair of fingerless gloves! I did most of the knitting over last weekend, and finally got round to sewing in the ends and sewing on the button last night. I really like this pattern! It’s really easy and pretty quick to make. The only problem I had, was as I suspected, with the thumb. The pattern had you place 11 stitches on a holder, and cast on an extra stitch when you made the thumb hole. Then you went back used those 11 stitches and picked up one stitch to give you 12 for the thumb. I tried it, but it just left me with a couple of big holes at the top of the thumb. So I picked up five stitches, to keep the pattern the same and after a couple of rows I went down to a 4.5mm needle. I’m really happy with how the thumb turned out in the end! It’s a great snug fit. The other problem I had was with the button hole. It came out too far to the left and too low down for me to be happy with how it held the flap closed, so I think I’ll skip it for the next glove. Instead I closed up the hole when I was sewing in the ends, and I sewed on the button where I thought it would sit best.
I seem to have lost my tension a couple of times when I was knitting this glove. I think it’s partly because I was knitting a lot tighter than normal – the pattern reccommended using a needle slightly smaller than the one recommened, but when I used a 4.5mm needle I had no chance of getting my hand through the loop! So I decided the next best thing was to use a 5mm needle and knit tightly. I didn’t want to add stitches to make it wider because I didn’t know how far my yarn would go, and I only just had enough for these gloves. I really love the seed stitch band at the top, and the  button. Instead of going up a needle, which made it a little too loose, I just relaxed my tension back to normal. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I’ll have a second glove finished, check back next week to see the pair!
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December 19, 2011

Well this weekend has been busy! I finished my notebooks and origami boxes (which I’ll be sharing tomorrow) and I finished my Snowbaby hat! I loved working on the hat! The colourwork was a lot of fun. I was holding both colours of yarn in my left hand, which I guess is continental style? Because I knook (knit with a hook) instead of actually knitting, I tend to hold things as I do when I crochet – hook in my right hand, working yarn, and my work in my left – I should probably get my husband to take a photo sometime.
Once I got into the rhythm of reaching over for the brown and under for the cream, I stopped twisting my yarn up together, and got along pretty fast. The pattern was really easy to memorise, and was quite sad when it was over! I loved doing the colourwork, and I think I’m going to have to look for more patterns that use it! I’m also quite proud of the back of the work – I managed to keep the tension on my floats nicely without being too tight. I even took a photo of it to show you! It was minus five this morning when I wore my hat out for the first time and it was lovely and cosy! The cashmerino is gorgeous and soft, and I love it. I used a russian join again when I joined my second ball of the brown, and I wove in the ends of the cream while I was knitting too, so when I got the the end I only had two ends to sew in, which was also great, and I will definitely be using both techniques in future!
I’m also very hard at work on my knit bunnies. I finished a third (giant) one on Friday. I’d love to have a photo of the seven together before I give them away so I need to finish them by this Friday. I’ve finished another square that’s ready to be bunnyfied and I’m halfway through a second square. I’m going to finish the other two and a half squares, then put all my bunnies together at once.
I’m also starting to plan what I’m going to work on over Christmas, and making sure I have what I need. My Stash Addict yarn has been tempting me for weeks, so as soon as I’m finished my bunnies I want to start my Magrathea. I’ve ordered the 3mm Knit Pro Symphonie Interchangeable Crochet hook that didn’t come with the set I bought, and that I need for Magrathea. I hope it’ll come very soon, in plenty of time for Christmas. I also ordered some yarn for my Guenvieve cardigan, because I think a long holiday is a good time to start work on something that big! It’s worked flat, but in one piece, so seaming it together shouldn’t be too bad, but I do have to measure and alter the pattern to fit. Luckily though instructions are given at each step for how to fit it. I just have to follow the instructions properly. I also want to do more work on my Realta Blanket, Polo neck Bag, and my Recuerdos de Infancia shawl, so I’ll have plenty to do!
I won’t be doing my YoP update on Sunday this week, for obvious reasons! But I’ll probably have it up on Wednesday. Have a great time everyone!
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Scarves and Shawls


Other Things

December 16, 2011

I have managed to finish my knit bunny! This one is a little bit of a giant! I couldn’t remember how many stitches to cast on – I thought it was twenty, but when I’d done them, it looked a little small, so I cast on twenty five. I should have stuck with twenty, he towers over his friends! I love that he’s a different colour to the other two, and I can see the next colour change coming up soon. I want to make another four of these next week, but I’m having a blitz on my hat this weekend, and hopefully getting it finished off too, as well as finishing covering the notebooks, which will be Christmas gifts with the bunnies and candle holders, and getting all the other Christmas presents wrapped!
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December 2, 2011

Yay Friday! I love having a lazy start to the day when I’m not working. I’m currently sitting at my deck, still in my dressing gown, with my two cockatiels keeping me company while I write this. Just now they’re behaving, but at any point one or both could come running across the keyboard, typing random letters, and opening shortcuts I never knew existed and will never find again. And therefore, I’ll blame any spelling mistakes on the two of them!
In other news, I finished my skađi fingerless gloves. The right hand one was finished in a couple of hours yesterday, which just goes to show, that I should really just have got on with them in the first place! These were really easy to make and fun too. I loved that I could try them on as I went. The only part I had trouble with was the thumb. It was a bit tricky to try and get it looking neat and without having a gap in the moss stitch. I think I did it differently in each glove! I skipped quite a few of the increases when I was making them too, I’m not sure it it’s my small hands or the yarn. I also did a decrease in each thumb once I got them started. I had the perfect amount of yarn in my skien – just 0.9g left over after finishing the second glove – at one point I did have to weight it to make sure I would have enough. They feel so soft, I can’t wait to try them out properly on Monday morning, waiting at the bus stop. Please excuse the fact I’m wearing my nightie and wrapped up in a fleece in the photo!
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