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June 3, 2013

I think I mentioned last week that my husband had finished uni and started his new job last week. Actually looking back, I didn’t mention his job, but he has one and he’s now a Junior Developer/Front Line Support (I think) at a software development company, and he’s very happy with it. As a result we now have a car again and at some point I should learn to drive! This opens up a whole world of possibilities for photo shoots!

UntilDuthie Park now, all of my photos have been done in Duthie Park, here in Aberdeen. While it’s a great park, and really close and convenient, it does have a few problems most notably the number of people who also think it’s a great park and who stare at what we’re doing as they walk past. I’m not particularly fond of having my photo taken and having an audience doesn’t help!

Now we have a car, a whole world of photo locations has opened up. I personally think the North East of Scotland has some of the best scenery out there – although since I was both born and brought up here, I might be a tiny bit biased! Some of my favourites are local to where I grew up, such as Drumtochty Forest. Others are places I visited a lot growing up such as a couple of beaches, pebbly at Stonehaven or sandy with cliffs at St Cyrus, or the many castles in the area – Crathes and Drum with gorgeous formal gardens and surrounded by woods, or Edzell Castle which is half fallen down.

Cairn O'MountYesterday we took our first trip out to a new location for a photo shoot. We went up the Cairn O’Mount where there are gorgeous views across the valley and smaller hills all the way to the sea. I grew up at the foot of these hills, and a lot of family holidays to the highlands started going over the pass. We had a gorgeous day for photos too – sunny, but with some cloud so things weren’t too bright, warm, and not too windy. I was able to edit the photos last night and send my pattern off for editing, so it should be ready at the end of the month after testing!

  1. Caroline says:

    It’s a lovely area…. but this post did make me a little homesick (not that it takes much!). I miss it up there 🙁

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