Storm Warning (Giveaway)

I'm pretty excited today because last night I released my second design, Storm Warning! I gave you a couple of teasers of this one earlier in the month under the temporary name of "Ravellenics Shawl". It seemed to take me forever to find a name that I liked and that I felt fitted it, as well as being fairly unique. Names are not my strong point!

I knitted this shawl with a gorgeous skien of Old Maiden Aunt Merino/Silk. I only had 400 yards and needed something really gorgeous for it, and someway to get the most out of my yarn without worrying about running out. Sideways shawls let you use up almost every yard which sounded perfect to me! I've been wanting to try beading for ages too and cables are one of my favourite features in knitting so it all came together as Storm Warning without too much hair pulling!


My first difficulty was to choose a cable that I liked the look of and there are a lot of cable patterns out there! I wanted something more complicated than a simple twist, but not something too chunky and heavy. Once I'd chosen a cable, I could work out how long my pattern repeats would be, and I designed a lace pattern to go with it. I wanted my lace to give shape to the edge, rather than just being flat, so I decided to use a series of increases and bind offs. Bead placement was the next problem. I experimented with a few different ways of placing them on the stitch and found something I liked. I decided to place the beads as I went rather than prestringing them as I was concerned about rubbing the yarn too much.

The pattern is both written and charted. I wanted to make sure I had everyone covered with their favourite way to read the pattern, but I was stumped for a little while before I worked out how I wanted to chart a pattern that was constantly growing on one side and shrinking on the other. I also included a photo tutorial for the beading so that anyone can give it a go!

And that brings us to the important part - the giveaway! I'm giving away one pattern for free to one lucky winner. You don't need to have a Ravelry account, but I will need a working email address I can send the pattern to. The pattern will be gifted through Ravelry. The usual rights apply - the pattern must not be sold, or given away, etc - what you do with the finished shawl however is up to you! To enter post a comment telling me what yarn you would use to make this shawl - it can be yarn you have in your stash or your dream yarn, it's up to you! Please do make sure I have someway of contacting you if you win! The winner will be picked by random number generator on the 4th of September - that's exactly one week!