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August 31, 2011

It’s Wednesday again already! I haven’t been very busy this week. We didn’t have time to go to the craft shop on Sunday, but we went on Monday and discovered that HobbyCraft had a smaller selection of crochet hooks than John Lewis have. We also discovered that they had some yarn (I know, what a surprise), and that I definitely needed more! So, since I can’t face using the horrid plastic hook just now, I haven’t done anymore on my Elise Shawl – which makes me a little nervous because I absolutely have to have it finished and blocked by next Friday. We’re leaving on holiday on the 10th so that deadline is pretty much solid. I have ordered a new aluminium hook and it was dispatched on Monday evening, even though I ordered it after 6 pm, so hopefully it’ll arrive today or tomorrow.
So, if I haven’t been doing the Elise, what have I been doing since Sunday? I’ve been being very good, and I’ve been working on my Christmas Scarves. The Lacey Crochet Scarf is nearly done now. I’m just going to finish off the skien pretty much, and then it’ll be plenty long enough. I haven’t decided yet whether I’m going to put a border on it or not. Just now I don’t think I will – mine isn’t as lacey as the original, so it doesn’t need the border to provide support, and it’s pretty neat along the sides, so it doesn’t need to cover anything up.
I’ve also been spending way too much time on Ravelry – it’s addictive, and my favourites list is getting huge – and finding somethng to take on holiday with me. I can’t take any of the scarves because my sisters-in-law will be there, and I still haven’t decided who’s getting which scarf, I can’t really take the blanket, because all the yarn is taking up a large plastic box and it’s just not practical and the Elise shawl will be finished before we go away. So I’m taking the Organic Stole (which has been hibernating for a month or so) and I’m taking the new yarn I got on Monday and making a Poloneck Bag. I have even done a swatch for the bag – I am pretty pleased with myself – and worked out that I should have plenty to finish the bag with. I’m going to use two skiens of Sirdar Wash ‘n’ Wear Double Crepe DK, which, provided my maths is right, should give me plenty for the bag, and enough for the handles too. This is going to be another project bag – I know I’d just made one, but it’s not big enough for everything I have just now, although it’s prefect for small projects with small skiens of yarn. The Polo Neck Bag is also lined and I’m going to see if I can add pockets for holding my hooks, needles and pins, safety pins (for stitch markers) and anything else I might need. I’m quite excited about it, although I’ve never tried lining (or making) a bag like this before, but my sewing machine needs work, so I’m determined to give it a go.
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August 28, 2011

So here we are again, another Sunday and another Year of Projects update. This week I have been pretty productive. I finished my iris crochet shawl and started did some more on the elise shawl. I only did a couple more rows though as my hook has been annoying me. It’s plastic, which I admit has a tenancy to annoy me anyway because I feel like my yarn is sticking to it some how. This one also has a flat bit where the size is written (like most do) and the edge between the round bit and the flat bit lewis catching on my yarn. We’re of to a bbq today so hopefully I’ll have time to go into the craft shop before we get on the train and see if they have any other brands. The shop I normally goes to only has pony brand hooks which are cheap and handy, but not as computable for me as the single Boye hook I have. It’s my birthday soon though, and I’m asking for a set of nice foods to replace them – at which point I’m tempting to see if I can adapt the pony ones to try knooking…
I also was very good yesterday and made another octagon for my blanket! I have to say that whenever I finish one and it’s the same size as the others I’ve made, it’s quite a relief! Once I’ve finished doing all the main colour groups I’ll try too blur them and do blue and purple and green and yellow, etc. I’m really enjoying the pattern and I nearly have it memorised although taking a week off didn’t help me. I do have a very long way to go now still and I’m not expecting to finish it this year.

August 26, 2011

I’m so glad it’s Friday again! I missed last weeks FO Friday, but this week I have something to share. My Iris shawl is finished! Blocking was an adventure, as you can see from yesterday’s post and last night it finally finished drying in time for me to finish sewing in the ends before bed. At one point I started to think it would never be dry, but then again, I do get impatient! We took the photos this morning before work, and the weather just wasn’t co-operating, so we had to use the flash, and the flash does not flatter me, so I have no head!
I’m really happy with my shawl. More than I thought I’d be I think. I really like the pattern. It’s pretty quick and very easy to learn. The silk on the other hand was really annoying to work with. I’m glad I got it on sale, because I’d have hated to pay full price and be so annoyed with it while working. If I do work with pure silk again, I will try out another brand I think.
The blocking really helped to bring out the pattern in the lace, and it is wonderfully soft. It’s pretty warm too and I’m (selfconciously) wearing it to work. I don’t normally wear scarves, except in winter, but the air conditioning in our office makes it feel cold enough to be winter sometimes and I’m tired of having goosebumps!
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August 25, 2011

Last night I finished off my shawl and got down to blocking it, which took ages and a lot of crawling around on the floor! In fact it took me so long, I didn’t have time to check out everyone’s WIP Wednesdays, until I went to bed and checked them out on my phone (which means I couldn’t post on any of the blogger ones, sorry!).
The pink is my yoga mat, but it was too thin by itself and the pins wouldn’t go into the floor at all, so there’s three towels underneath it, which helps a lot. It also wasn’t quite wide enough, so I have a tea towel under there to raise up the height of the towels to the same as the mat. I pinned the whole thing out, which turned out to be a mistake. Then I soaked it with a spray bottle (and considered whether a watering can would have been better) and then I discovered it was stretching a lot more so I unpinned it, stretched it out more, and pinned it again. All in all, I’m pretty happy with it. Next time, I think I’ll just soak whatever I’m blocking in the sink and then pin it out, but for the first time I thought it might be easier to block it out dry (and I was wrong). Hopefully by the time I get home from work it’ll all be dry, it was halfway there this morning I think. My husband can’t have a shower until it’s dry, because his towel’s underneath it too!

August 24, 2011

It’s yet another Wednesday and everyone is showing off their WIPs on Tami’s Amis. I love WIP Wednesdays, it’s awesome to see what everyone is working on – although it does take me a couple of hours after work to get around everyone’s blogs!
Since Sunday, I’ve just been working on my Iris Crochet Shawl and it’s nearly done. I just need to finish off the row of tc and a row of dc and it’s ready to have the ends sew in (which I hate) and blocked (which I’m really, really nervous about). It’ll be the first thing I’ve blocked – because I’ve been putting it off with the scarves I’ve finished. Click the photo to see it full size – it looks better, I promise! Unfortunately, the rest of my last ball of silk is the worst of the lot (which is why it was saved till last) and the end of the ball is looking very hairy and has the worst thick bits of the lot, so I’m going to get a new skien today to finish it off.
Last night, I also started the Elise Shawl. I’m using Drops Baby Alpaca Silk in off white and it is gorgeous! The yarn is so soft and it feels wonderful. I’m really going to enjoy working on it. The Elise Shawl has been bumped up because I’m going to wear it with my dress for the “casual” wedding my father-in-law and his posh partner are having. The wedding is the 17th of September, and we go on holiday on the 10th (with my lovely mother-in-law) so it has to be finished and blocked before we go. This gives me about two and a half weeks to get it done! Hopefully it’ll be quite quick (like the Iris Shawl that I started on Firday). I’ve reached the point where the pattern repeat gets going, and it’s very easy to memorise, and I’m enjoying it so far – it also doesn’t have any long chains (other than turning chains) which is definately a plus for me.
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August 23, 2011

RugbyMad over on Wool Diaries has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! Firstly I can not say how honoured and touched I am! Thank you very very much!
How the Award Works

  1. After accepting, thank the person who gave it to you, and link back to them
  2. Share 7 things about yourself …
  3. Pass the award on to 15 blogs you’ve found recently

Seven Things About Me

  1. I love animals, especially the feathered ones, and we have two cockatiels, and three budgies
  2. I’ve been crocheting for four months, and I love it
  3. I play World of Warcraft with my husband (yes, I’m a geek)
  4. I love crime programmes like CSI and Bones
  5. I’m Scottish and proud of it
  6. Blue is my faourite colour
  7. I’m being doing crafty things for most of my life, and am incapable of sitting down to watch TV without something in my hands

15 Blogs I’m Giving the Award To
This was quite challenging for me! I wanted to give the award to blogs that hadn’t already had it, and Sam from Knitting Adventures, and RugbyMad had both given it to many of the blogs I read!

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August 21, 2011

This week, I’ve been very bad! I didn’t finish anything, and missed FO Friday, which was sad, and I didn’t do any of the things I was supposed to. I was supposed to finish my Lacey Crochet Scarf, and I barely worked on it at all. I was supposed to make some blanket blocks and I didn’t do any. I wasn’t supposed to by yarn and I did. I wasn’t supposed to start anything new, but I did.
I bought some Debbie Bliss silk this week, which had been reduced for the second time, and was just too tempting to leave behind again. I’m using it to make the Iris Crochet Shawl, that’s on my list, and it is gorgeous so far. The yarn is actually pretty annoying. It twists and has fat and thin patches which is really irritating. I’m hoping though, when it’s all blocked out it won’t be too obvious. I am already loving the shawl and the drape.
I figure after four weeks, this is a good time to see how my list has changed and what I have managed to do, when I haven’t been being naughty.

Scarves and Shawls

Other Things

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. Hopefully this week I’ll be good, finish my shawl, do at least two blanket blocks, and get on with the Lacey Crochet Scarf.

August 17, 2011

It’s Wednesday again – which means we’re just about halfway to the weekend! This week I haven’t done any work on my Organic Stole at all – I’m going dress shopping tonight though, so I’ll hopefully decide if I want to keep going with it, or if something else would match better for this wedding. The Lacey Crochet Scarf has been growiong. I love this scarf. The pattern is so easy and it feels so quick to make. The yarn (Drops Light Cotton) is really nince to work with and I haven’t been having any problems with it being splitty or tangling, which is great.
I’ve also started a few rows of my Broomstick Lace Scarf, because I was so impatient to try it out! It’s pretty easy, but it feels like it’s taking me a long time to do each row just now. Hopefully with more practice I’ll get faster at it. I’ve also bought a load of silk, and I’m not sure what to do with it! Anyone have any suggestions?
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August 16, 2011

We went shopping yesterday, because I needed a 9 mm hook. While we were there, I got some Debbie Bliss Pure Silk since it had been reduced for a second time, and I resisted getting it the last time I was in. I got this gorgeous silver colour, but now I’m not really sure what I’m going to do with it! I might make the Iris Shawl with it (which is on my Year of Projects list). Or I could make another shawl or stole with it. I’m pretty sure I want to make a scarf or shawl with it but that’s about it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

August 15, 2011

Late again this week, but I have excellent excuse this time, because it was our first wedding anniversary yesterday!
Work on my Organic Stole has stalled this week. I was going to wear it with a dress I already have for my Father in Law’s wedding in September, but apparently it’s going to be pretty casual, so I’m going to wait till I have a new dress and then see what I want to do. I’ll still finish it, but for now it’s going to be on temporary hold. The next problem is to decide what is casual enough for this wedding, oh well.
The Lacey Crochet Scarf is over half way now. I really like how it’s turning out. It’s not as lacey as the original – I think mostly due to the difference in fibre – hemp vs cotton/acrylic, but blocking may open it out a bit. It’s turning out really soft too. I still haven’t decided who is going to get it though.
The Versailles Scarf is off my list now. I just wasn’t happy with how it was working up for me. I don’t know if it was the yarn, the hook size or just me, but something wasn’t right. So I think I’m going to use the yarn for the Elise Shawl instead, and find a different scarf to go on my Christmas list.
The Blanket is going pretty well. The octagons are an inch bigger than the sample I made, so I only need 80 not 99! I’m enjoying the pattern so far, but each octagon takes around an evening to finish, and since I want to work on my Christmas Scarves too, I’m going to aim for two to three octagons a week for now. The hardest part I’m finding is to choose my colours randomly (within the colour group). I have the urge to make it super organised, but I’m going to persevere and follow the suggestions with the pattern and keep it random. I think trying to make it organised, would lose some of the charm of the blanket.
I’ve also added a list of the blogs I follow to the side of the blog. I’ll be adding more soon, but don’t forget to check them out!